Garden trellis

A  secure garden trellis on the wall will add so much to your home.

You can secure it to the house or  even a fence in the yard and garden. The trellis is a popular piece of garden jewelry that brings a lot of options with it. Looking to grow a rambling rose? The trellis is perfect for helping it along the way. Vines, creeping shrubs, and produce such as peas and beans all need a frame on which to grow.

Why not use a decorative garden trellis for the job?

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions about how to secure a garden trellis to your home. Clients see those roses in full bloom and fancy that same look for their home. Who would not want to see a bank of red flowers when they turn into their driveway on a summer’s day?

As spring and summer are on their way, we asked our experts to come up with a few tips on installing a garden trellis. They came up with a long list.

To secure a garden trellis to your home, you should:

  • Pick the right trellis
  • Choose a wall which gets some sun
  • Measure the area for the trellis
  • Level, mark and drills the holes in the wall
  • Fit the trellis and screw it home

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Pick the right trellis

It may seem a bit obvious, but plenty of people get this one wrong.

Take a look at available styles and think about what you want on the wall, and what you plan to grow.

If a rose bush or creeper cannot get a hold, the trellis will not work.

Pick a trellis that is large and decorative enough to do what you want it to do.

Choose a wall which gets some sun

Another simple task which clients forget about – until it is too late.

Your plants need the sun to grow. If a rose is in the shade, you will not get that burst of color in the summer.

Choose a wall which gets a lot of light but maybe not too much wind and rain.

If you have a wall in a dark area, ask for advice on the right plants, before installing the trellis.

Measure the area for the trellis

When you have the wall picked and the right trellis, comes the time to get to work.

Measure the trellis, and using a level draw the top line along where it would go on the wall.

A good tip here is to place the trellis against the wall, if you can, and step back to see how it looks.

A second opinion and a pair of helping hands may be invaluable here.

Level, mark and drill the holes in the wall

Now comes the actual work, and you will need a second pair of hands.

Hold the trellis against the wall, and using a level, make sure it is straight.

Drill holes through the trellis and mark the wall with a pencil. When you have the area mapped out, you can drill the holes in the wall.

People often use spacers at this stage. A spacer will give a small gap between the trellis and the wall, enough room for a plant to entwine itself. Make spacers by cutting a narrow PVC pipe into equal lengths, less than an inch should be plenty. Keep them ready for the assembly stage.

Do not forget to fit plugs in the holes so the screws will sit tightly.

Attach the trellis and screw it home

Place the trellis against the wall and line up the holes.

If using spacers, place them between the trellis and wall at each hole.

Using the correct screws, drill the trellis onto the wall.

Use the level at all times and keep the trellis straight.

When finished, step back and admire the work.

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