There is nothing termites like more than a good chow down on your timber fence. They will come from miles around to get stuck into all that delicious wood. Any wooden fence owner can tell you a termite story, about how they came for dinner in the back yard.

Termites are a big problem for wooden fence owners, but they need not be. There are a few simple steps the fence owner can take, which will prevent the damage they cause. It surprises us at Fence Supply Online that so many people do not take these preventative steps.

Sometimes people contact us when it is too late, when the termites are already eating the fence.

Prevention is better than the cure as the old saying goes, and this is very true with termites. One of our clients was putting up a wooden fence this year and called to ask about termites. Our experts are always happy to give advice and hopefully, the client will follow the tips.

Our list of how to stop termites chowing down on your timber fence include:

  • Always use pressure-treated wood
  • Staining and sealing will keep the termites out of a timber fence
  • Cut back the grass, branches, and shrubs
  • Be vigilant, always with termites and your timber fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Always use pressure-treated wood

This is one straight out of the ‘prevention is the best cure’ approach to termite control.

Pressure-treated wood has all the chemicals and protection you will need, added at the manufacturing stage. At the factory, the wood dries in a vacuum chamber, which takes all the moisture from the wood. The insecticide and other chemicals are then injected under pressure, deep into the wood.

All pressure treated wood is safe to use on your property. It is ready for the outdoors and is the foremost step in keeping termites away.

We only supply American, pressure-treated, wood fencing products.

Staining and sealing will keep the termites out of a timber fence

If you have an older fence, then you will need to treat it annually.

The same is true with pressure-treated wood after a few seasons of summer heat and other extremes of weather.

Termites love dry wood, but they also love the damp conditions of spring or fall.

Treat your wood with a regular coat of a quality stain or sealer. At Fence Supply Online we supply the top-quality Stain & Seal range of products.

They will protect the wooden fence all year round and will not wash away in the first winter storm.

Cut back the grass, branches, and shrubs

Termites do not fly. They need a bridge to get access to your timber fence from the ground or any rotting wood nearby.

Grass is one way they can climb up for their dinner. They will walk up the blades and into exposed wood. Cut back the grass around the fence and keep the foot of the posts completely clear.

The branches of shrubs and trees are another way into the fence. Keep all undergrowth away from the fence.

Remember to clear all deadwood and piles of leaves and garden waste from the area. Termites will gather there before starting their assault on the fence.

Be vigilant, always with termites and your timber fence

Keeping your eyes open is a great way to stop termites.

Take a walk along your timber fence and look for any weak spots. Places such as where branches may scratch the surface or where the kids climbing over scuffed the wood.

Always treat these places immediately.

If you spot the signs of termite infestation, dust from the inside of the wood along the fence, take immediate action. Treat the whole fence with an insecticide and seal it once more.

Check out our PostSaver products.

Keep on top of the maintenance.

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