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Tibyotter @ flickr
CC BY 2.5

Our family dog is one of those mutts who loves chewing on the fence.

At least he was, until we got a few tips on how to stop Buster chewing his way through the garden fence. I asked the team at Fence Supply Online for ideas on putting a stop to his chewing habit. They gave me plenty of advice on stopping Buster eating the fence posts.

While before he would gnaw away at rails and posts, now we have a chew-free fence, looking good in the spring sunshine.

You cannot get mad at the family dog, not too often anyway. With this in mind, we put the team’s tips down on paper, now that our fence is safe again. For customers with fence-chewing dogs, we drew up this post as a guide.

To stop the family dog from chewing on your wooden fence you should try:

  • Fence Armor for protection
  • Building a few barricades
  • A few distractions
  • A repellant
  • Building a pen for the dog

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Fence Armor for protection

It is one of our best sellers in the Accessory Department and with good reason.

Fence Armor is a ring of galvanized steel, which you fit around the base of the fence posts. When in position it stops the dogs from chewing but also protects from termites and wildlife.

The Fence Armor comes in a range of sizes, and it is straightforward to attach to the posts.

You can stack them to any height and around any size fence post.

Building a few barricades

What Buster cannot see Buster cannot chew, is my motto and it works.

We planted a few thick, evergreen plants and shrubs around the base of the wooden fence to keep Buster away. A neighbor of ours uses boulders between the lawn and the fence to keep their mutt at bay. My sister built a few raised beds and now gets fresh produce as well as a chew-free fence.

A decorative barrier between the dog and the fence will work wonders in keeping them from having a chew or two.

Puppy panels on the fence can stop the dogs from getting at the rails and posts too, especially the younger pets.

A few distractions

They say the dog will only chew on the fence if they are bored, but I am not so sure.

We tried a few chew toys, balls and even rawhide from time to time. There was a bit of success, and Buster did cut down on the fence chewing.

My friend at work says distractions work with his dog, so maybe it is just Buster.

A tired dog is more likely to sleep than chew, so a few extra walks may do the trick.

The distraction method works but only in conjunction with a couple of other tips.

A repellant

You can buy a spray for the fence which keeps the dog away, but it may contain chemicals.

Chemicals may be dangerous for the dog and the kids. They may damage the wood too.

Instead mix some apple cider vinegar with water, about the same amount of each. Paint or spray it onto the fence when it isn’t raining.

The strong smell repels the dog and saves the fence. If they do chew it, then the taste will put the dog off trying again.

Building a pen for the dog

If all else fails you can build a simple pen for the dog.

The easiest way is by using vinyl fencing, which the dog will not chew.

When in the pen the dog will be under control. Do not forget to put in water and food for the little fellow.

The pen will work when you are not in the yard.

You can let them out again when you come home in the evening.

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