Termites do a lot of damage to a wooden fence.

They love getting into the wood and raising their families to do even more damage.

Often you may not know you have a termite problem, until the fence breaks or splits along the rail or post.

The termites eat from the inside out.

Prevention is always the best solution and making your fence termite-proof and keeping it that way, is essential to keeping it safe.

An excellent way to termite-proof your fence would be to:

  • Check the fence regularly
  • Always use pressure-treated wood
  • Stain the wood regularly
  • Clear away any plants and water
  • Let the sunshine in
  • Keep the yard free of termites

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Check the fence regularly

Forewarned is fore-armed I think the old saying goes.

It is very accurate with fences and especially wooden ones.

Termites work from the inside out; they get in and start to eat that lovely soft inner wood before laying their eggs and bursting out.

The danger signs of termite trouble are bubbles and holes in the wood and maybe a pile of their droppings on the rails too.

If you see any danger signs, then get to work with an insecticide to kill them before they take over the fence.

Always use pressure-treated wood

Pressure-treated wood will keep the termites away.

The wood is ‘injected’ with insecticide and preservative at the factory, under pressure, which forces it deep into the grain.

Your wooden fence will be invisible to the termites, and even if they try burrowing in, they won’t get very far.

Pressure-treated wood may be slightly more expensive, but it will save you a lot of money in the long-term.

mortise cedar ends

Preserve the wood annually

Constant vigilance is the key to keeping the wood termite free.

If you can get in the habit of painting the fence with a preservative annually, you will keep it safe.

The preservative can get deep into the wood and keep the termites away.

Apply a coat of preservative first, before painting the fence, to add that extra layer of protection.

Clear away any plants and water

Termites are always looking for ways into the wood.

They can climb up blades of grass and the branches of nearby shrubs, using them as a bridge into your fence.

Clear away any plant life near the fence, so termites can’t make their way over.

Keep the area around the fence dry by diverting water away from the base of the posts.

Termites love soft, wet wood as it is very easy for them to burrow through.

Let the sunshine in

Just as termites like soft, wet wood they also love the darker spaces of the yard.

Keeping the sun shining on the fence will keep the termites away.

They don’t like the heat, and the sun, with the wind, will keep the fence dry and not very inviting for them.

Sunlight kills termites on the move.

Keep the yard free of termites

Clear away any leaves in the fall and burn them if you can, to prevent the termites from making a temporary home.

Do the same with branches and any other pieces of wood you may have in the yard.

Stack the wood for the fire in a place away from the fence, so termites can’t make a home before moving into the fence.

Try not to have pools of water close to the fence as pests make their home in stagnant water.

Grow shrubs and flowers, which attract birds and other termite eating animals, so you’ll have a natural predator on the property.

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