deck post skirt

Your deck will look shabby with broken, cracked, or missing deck post skirts.

A Fence Supply Online expert said this to a client recently, but he only got an odd look in return. Once the expert explained what a deck post skirt actually is, he got a knowing look. Our client has broken ones, and some were falling off the deck posts. He badly needed an upgrade.

“How do I go about replacing them?” he asked, “do I need to take off each post because that is something I am not going to do.”

The expert smiled as this is a question about DIY deck post skirt upgrades he gets a lot. We sell vinyl decorative deck post bases, and they are straightforward to install. Luckily we have the solution, and our expert explained the process to the client.

The simple way to upgrade your deck post skirts includes:

  • Doing an inspection before buying the deck post skirts
  • Remove the old deck post skirts
  • Install the new ones with a snap
  • Remember to use vinyl

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Doing an inspection before buying the deck post skirts

It may seem obvious, but it is best to prepare properly for the job.

Check all the skirts to see which ones are broken or cracked.

We often say you should consider replacing all of the skirts at the one time.

It is easier this way, the deck will look better, and you may get a discount for buying in bulk.

Remove the old deck post skirts

It should be easy to remove the old ones but be careful about how you do it. The older ones may be screwed or nailed into place, and you may damage the posts by pulling them off.

It may be possible to snap the broken skirts off the posts using vise grips.

You may need to open the screws on some older types and maybe remove a nail or two.

However you remove the old deck post skirts, make sure you do it properly.

Repair any damage to the posts, once you take off the skirts.  If you have a wooden deck, now is the time to stain and seal the posts from head to foot.

Install the new ones with a snap

We sell vinyl deck post skirts, and they are straightforward to install.

You do not need to remove the railing to slide the skirts onto the post.

Measure your post width and order the correct size for the work.

Our vinyl ones come in two parts. You simply fit two pieces around the base of the deck post and snap them together. It is as straightforward as that for making the deck look like new.

Our experts will help you through the DIY deck post skirt upgrade project.

Plenty of time to sit back and admire the work over a beer.

Remember to use vinyl

We only supply vinyl decorative deck post bases.

Modern vinyl is durable, will not rot, and does not suffer from termites. You do not get mold or mildew, and you can clean vinyl with just the swipe of a damp cloth.

You should fit the vinyl deck post skirts when installing the deck. They will last for life, and you will not need to do an upgrade. You will also get a better selection of styles, designs, and colors.

Our range will match any garden decor scheme.

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