We live in an increasingly globalized society. We can buy cheeses from France, meat from England, and vegetables imported from Peru or Mexico at the corner grocery store. Your choice of automobiles is likewise global, as are your clothing options. That applies to vinyl fencing, too. Should you purchase imported or domestic Vinyl Fencing? Is it better to buy from an American manufacturer?Vinyl extruder

Quality of the Product

A lot of fencing companies will insist that buying American made is the best. It does do good for the American economy, but when it comes right down to it, does it really make a difference in the quality of the vinyl fencing that you purchase? In an effort to compete with Chinese imports there have been a few low-quality American extruders. vinyl wall thicknessThe majority of American-made vinyl fencing is pretty similar in terms of quality, durability and even the range of color and texture options you have. There’s also the fact that you’ll pay less for vinyl fencing from China, except the pesky shipping cost of an entire container and the 60-90 day transport will cost you more than for American-made fencing.

Other Considerations

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Vinyl Buyer's Guide

If all things were equal, we’d stop our discussion here. However, they’re not. While the quality of Chinese vinyl fencing is low and the cost is low, there is more to the story. For instance, you’ll find that Chinese manufacturers are not particularly responsive to customer questions, concerns or problems. American companies, on the other hand, tend to be very responsive to those issues.

There’s also the fact that because the product is being shipped internationally, companies buying from Chinese manufacturers usually have to buy by the shipping container load. This means they’re spending a lot at one time, but also that they might run out in the middle of a project and be unable to obtain more of it.

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Shipping/delivery items are also very slow with Chinese manufacturers, although that’s understandable, as the product must first be manufactured, then loaded onto a ship, sent across the Pacific, and then make it through customs. In the end, it can take two months from the purchase date before your fencing arrives at the installer’s location.

In the end, buying from Chinese companies isn’t a bad thing, but it might be more complicated than you expect. Working with an American manufacturer will generally provide a smoother process with better customer service. Only you can determine if the financial savings (if any) are worth the increase in hassle and headaches from imported or domestic Vinyl Fencing.