Yes, of course, a fence will help increase your home’s value.

Maybe the question should read: why wouldn’t your home increase in value when it has a fine fence running around the boundary?

The fence puts the finishing touches on a home.

It’s a bit like the ribbon you put around a Christmas cake, just to catch the eye.

A fence also shows the owner is taking care of the property, which will always add value to the purchaser’s eyes.

There are plenty of reasons why a fence will help increase your home’s value, among these are:

  • A Fence Shows Investment
  • A Fence Makes The Garden Look Complete
  • It Adds A Level of Security For Parents And Pet Owners
  • First Impressions Last
  • Remember Opposite World

A Fence Shows Investment

When you have a fine fence running around the yard it goes a long way to show that you are someone who takes care of your property.

It is a sign you have invested in the home and the yard.

A painted wood fence or a clean vinyl one will shine and catch the potential buyer’s eye as soon as they arrive.

It is one of those extra touches which can make all the difference.

Increase your home’s value by adding a fence.

A Fence Makes Any Garden Look Complete

If you can’t see where the garden ends and the scrubland beyond begins, then you may have a problem

The garden will not look as good as it could do.

It may only be the rough grass and trees that come to the attention of any visitors.

Growing plants, flowers and trees around and up a fence looks a lot better than never-ending grass running to the edges of the property.

A fence will compliment any work done in the garden over the years and will complete any landscaping project.

Think of your fence as like a frame around a picture.

A Fence Adds A Level Of Security For Parents and Pet Owners

A parent or pet owner will want to see that their loved ones will be safe in any new home.

They will look for that fence which will stop their kids from running onto the street or their pets from going astray.

A fence adds a layer of security and a very visible one too.

A privacy fence in busy areas is essential to keeping children in, and unwanted, prying eyes out.

Cedar split rail 2 rail

First Impressions Last

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

A robust and well-maintained fence is far better to see, rather than a ramshackle, falling-down one which will make the wrong first impression.

If you are thinking of selling, get to work on that fence now.

Even if you are a new homeowner, think of installing a fence as an investment in the property.

A fence will add value while improving the landscape around your home.

Remember Opposite World

If you do not have a fence, remember that the opposite to all the above positives may very well apply.

Prospective buyers will question how well you have been looking after the property.

Parents will wonder if the kids will be safe when outside and will want the cost of a new fence to come off the final price of the home sale.

Any buyer who arrives to see that ramshackle excuse for a fence you have right now, will say ‘what’s going on here? I don’t like the look of this place.’

Remember when selling a home you want people to go for your asking price.

You do not want them to begin looking for points to haggle over as soon as they arrive.

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