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The mail post is a fixture in American front yards across the country.

They look great, keep the mail safe and dry, and everyone loves to see one when driving through the neighborhood. What could be better than an American mail post?

A zero maintenance one is the only answer to that question. At Fence Supply Online, we carry an excellent stock which require zero maintenance. Yes, you install the post, and from that day on, you only need to give it a clean once or twice a year.

When we suggest a mail post to our clients, we often get the same reply. Usually, it’s along the lines of why would anyone want something which breaks easily, is difficult to install or falls over all the time? Our answers usually surprise the doubting clients, and often they leave with a vinyl mail post in the truck. To make life easier, we asked the experts for a few tips on vinyl mail posts.

Installing a zero maintenance mail post involves:

  • Choose the correct mail post for the yard
  • Clearing the space for the new post
  • Installing a wooden post
  • Sliding the vinyl mail post over the wooden one.
  • Assemble according to instructions

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Choose the correct mail post for the yard

If you are not the decision-maker in the home, then you better bring them with you go shopping.

At Fence Supply Online, we offer a range of mail posts which you can view at our online store.

There are differences between the styles, but installing them is the same process.

When you make your choice, you can begin the work.

Clearing the space for the new post

It is a good idea to check the local ordinance before you begin installing the mail post.

It will need to be a certain distance back from the pavement or the sidewalk. You may find there are height restrictions too.

When you are ready, pick the right space and clear any shrubs, rocks, or garden ornaments in the way.

You will only need a few tools but get them ready too.

Installing the wooden post

A little secret is that the vinyl mail post slides over a wooden post, which keeps it secure.

Your fence supply agent will have the right one for you. Make sure it is suitable for burying in the dirt.

You will need to bury at least 36 inches of the wooden post in the ground, so dig a deep hole. Line the hole with pea gravel, which will drain the water away from the foot of the post.

Place the wooden post in the hole and pour quick-setting concrete around it. Use a level to keep the post straight.

When the concrete dries, you should seal the area around the post with caulking to keep the water away.

Slide the mail post over the wooden one

It is a good idea to leave the wooden post settle in the concrete for at least 24 hours so that it can dry thoroughly.

Take the vinyl mail post out of the packaging.

Slide it over the wooden post, and it should fit snugly.

Secure the post cap over the top of the post, and all is ready.

Assemble according to instructions

The rest of the work should be as easy as reading the manufacturer’s instructions.

Complete the assembly of the mailbox and everything else that you need to do.

You may need a drill for the screws, but the work is usually straightforward to finish.

When you have the post in place, wash it with a solution of dish detergent, and you are ready for the next mail delivery.

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