Vinyl privacy versions we carry

Vinyl privacy fencing is the best way to keep your hot tub free from the eyes of strangers.

There are many uses for vinyl privacy fencing around the front and back yard. A vinyl privacy fence will also keep the prevailing wind at bay.  Luckily it is an affordable option, and it is straightforward to install.

Modern vinyl fencing products are made from quality American materials in factories across the USA. At Fence Supply Online we carry a range from privacy to four rail, and picket fences. Our choice of vinyl decorative garden items such as arbors, decorative accents, and mail posts will you a lifetime of service.

Installing the vinyl privacy fencing around your hot tub is not a big job. With the right materials and a bit of planning, you should have the work done over a couple of days. We put together a list to help with the project.

Included on the list to help with installing vinyl privacy fencing around your hot tub are:

  • Choose the right vinyl privacy fencing
  • Mark out the area and check for utilities
  • Dig the holes and install the posts
  • Click the vinyl privacy fence panels into place

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Choose the right vinyl privacy fencing

You are going to be looking at the vinyl privacy fencing for a long time. Make sure you choose a style you like and one of quality too.

Vinyl privacy fencing comes in a range of colors nowadays. You do not have to rely on good old white, though it does look great.

The BLACKline range of fencing does not chalk, fade or buckle under the summer sun. The fence will look as good each year as when you installed it.

Mark out the area and check for utilities

With every fencing project you need to know exactly where to put the fence.

Map out the area and measure the distance to cover. Use our Draw It & Quote It software to get an idea of costs and the number of materials to use.

If not sure, ask your friendly fence supply agent.

When installing any fence always check for utilities before you break ground. This is especially true around a hot tub where you will have water and electricity running to the structure.

Call the utility companies for guidance.

Dig the holes and install the posts

Now comes the hard work, though it is not that tough.

Dig the holes for each post. We recommend going down at least a third of the overall length of the post. Keep this in mind when ordering stock.

Place the post in the hole and pour in your quick-drying concrete mix. Ensure each post is level and at the correct distance from the next one. Always make sure they are in line.

When you have the posts in place, you can get the privacy panels ready.

Click the vinyl privacy panels into place

Installing vinyl privacy panels could not be easier.

They come in a standard height and length. You only need to click them into place along the line of posts.

At corners, you may need to cut a panel to fit the plan. Use a vinyl notching tool to help with the work. Ideally, you should try to make the area match a fixed number of standard panels, so you will not need to do any alterations.

Keeping a DIY job as simple as possible makes the work a lot easier.

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