Ornamental Iron Fence is a great looking product for so many reasons. First security and strength. It is the only fence available that gives clean, near unobstructed views, no ladder effect for security, all the while providing high strength. Iron Fence Finials are a great addition. it is your personal accent, it shows your style for the property. It also shows your resolve to stop access if wanted.

The White House Fence

There have been countless articles about this fence. Almost as much as the border wall! If you’ve ever been to the White House you know there is no other boundary between the building and the public except for the main fence. In the past few years, portable short bike rack style fences have been placed 10ft from the original iron fence with Secret Service patrolling between the two. Early on there were several breaches of the perimeter fence. Recently I noticed the new additional iron fence finials that can be adapted you your personal fence as well.

Steel U channel

Using Steel Channel, sometimes called “U” Channel or “C” Channel, like this picture from Metals Depot. Extra spikes are welded to the channel between the existing finials already are. Paint or powder coat the finished product and then mount with screws to the existing fence. The spikes can be made from 1/2 inch solid bar then shaped with a grinding wheel or flat disk.

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The finished product looks like this at the White House. Notice they notched the U channel and bolted it to the fence so there would be no rust issues from a new hole in the existing fence.

security finials at White House

Treasury Department Iron Fence Finials

At the back of the Treasury Department, I found this classic fence with solid bar pickets and punched rail top.

Solid bar iron fence iron fence finials of DC

I like the uniqueness of the pickets turend at a 45 degree angle. The trick is the top Flat bar. It has holes punched in it so the pickets are all held exactly at the right angle. Also, how did I know the pickets were solid bar? Did I thump them like a watermelon? No, Look for a sharp square corner on the outside. A sharp edge VS a rounded corner shows Solid Bar VS Hollow Tubing.

Aluminum Fence Finials

Most any finial is available in Aluminum and the unique thing about aluminum finials is the ability to have custom units made in small batches for not that much cost.