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If you haven’t got a dream then how can you make a dream come true?

So goes the line of a favorite song, and the dream of the white picket fence is still a popular one.

We see it in movies, TV programs and in art, as well as read of the white picket fence in books and stories. Is the white picket fence still the all American dream though?

At Fence Supply Online we get plenty of clients looking for the white picket fence. We also get the clients looking for an alternative.

Our experts have a few opinions, and we gathered them to talk about the white picket fence.

Answers to the question of the white picket fence being part of the All American dream include:

  • It is still popular in the suburbs
  • Vinyl is a good alternative
  • The privacy fence gives options
  • A change of color is always good
  • Maintenance is vital for every fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point

It is still popular in the suburbs

Drive through the suburbs of any American town or city, and you will see plenty of white picket fencing.

It gives the houses a friendly, family-orientated look that welcomes visitors to the home.

Often people will paint their homes to match or complement the white picket fence. The fence can frame the home or take away from the height or length of the building.

Picket fences are still as popular as they ever were and with good reason. They look great and add a touch of warmth to the landscape.

Vinyl is a good alternative

The downside of any life in the suburbs is the lack of time to get jobs done.

To look after a wooden, white picket fence needs dedication. You will need to treat it, paint it and do repairs annually if you want to keep it looking as good as new.

All the maintenance can put people off investing in one.

A vinyl, white picket fence is a viable alternative.

It takes very little maintenance; outside of a regular wash down it doesn’t need much else. The vinyl is tough, the white will not fade, and modern versions have built-in UV and impact inhibitors.

The privacy fence gives alternatives

Unfortunately people do not feel as safe with a picket fence as was once the way.

Security and privacy are as big a concern as any other consideration when installing a fence.

With this in mind, the privacy fence is a popular alternative too. It will allow you and the family to enjoy the outdoors without the neighbors taking an interest. A privacy fence will also help keep the family pet safe and add security to the home area.

If you want to get away from a picket fence, consider the privacy fence, over a wall or hedging.

A change of color is good

It doesn’t have to be all white for the all-American dream.

Clients of Fence Supply Online are changing to brighter colors when painting their picket fences.

Vinyl picket fences now come in a wide choice of colors; colors which will not fade or chalk if you purchase quality fencing.

You can work the color scheme into your house design or to match the layout of the garden.

There may be restrictions in some areas, so check with the Homeowners Association before making any changes.

Maintenance is vital for any fence

If you install a white picket fence, then you will need to care for it.

An annual maintenance schedule is crucial for the care plan.

A wood fence will need an inspection for termites, rot and fungi damage.

The vinyl will need cleaning and any weaknesses repairing.

Care for a fence is part of the home-owners creed.

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