Once you’ve got your privacy fencing installed, do you really want to spend every weekend maintaining it? Although “every weekend” may be a bit of an exaggeration, your choice of vinyl privacy or wood privacy fencing can determine how easy your fences are to maintain and how often you need to maintain them. In this post, we are going to examine if vinyl or wood fencing easier to maintain, specifically in regards to vinyl privacy fencing and wooden privacy fencing.

There are three main tasks for maintaining a fence:

  • Cleaning
  • Painting or Staining
  • Minor Repairs


  • Vinyl — To keep your vinyl fencing looking good you should clean it regularly. Luckily this can be primarily done with your garden hose. After any harsh weather conditions such as strong winds or heavy rain, you should check for stains, from grass dirt or grease. These unpleasant stains may need a little extra attention (to keep your fence looking great) but they are still, relatively easy to remove.
  • Wood — A wooden fence needs to be regularly cleaned to care for the wood. Although you can carry out the minimal cleaning of a wooden fence with a garden hose, you may need a pressure hose for a more serious build-up of debris. Pay particular attention to a wooden fence after periods of high pollen or dust.

Although you need to especially address stubborn stains on wooden fences, you must tread carefully. If a pressure washer is used too close to the fence it can actually damage the wood. Continual use of a pressure washer can also remove the protective stain from the wood, leaving it vulnerable to the elements.


  • Vinyl — One of the main benefits of vinyl fencing is that it doesn’t require painting. It is designed to withstand, snow and other harsh weather that would make a wooden fence look worn.White vinyl privacy fence

Because vinyl fencing is not designed to be painted, should you decide to paint it, you need to use a primer for your paint that adheres to vinyl surfaces and painting can also void the warranty.

If painting is not going to provide any extra protection to the fence or enhance its looks, it makes no sense to waste time and money painting a vinyl fence.

  • Wood — Wooden fences are particularly susceptible to moisture so they need to be regularly treated with stain or paint. Although the species of wood can determine how long a wooden fence will last (untreated pine is estimated at 5-7 years). Poor maintenance of a wooden fence can reduce estimates of fence life. Treating the wood can also significantly extend the life of the fence.

For stained wood fences, it is recommended the stain is reapplied every two years. For painted fences, it is recommended that they are repainted every four years.

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Minor Repairs

  • Vinyl — Vinyl fencing is designed for a long life. And the modern durable materials mean that minor repairs are not part of the regular maintenance regime.
  • Wood — The life of wooden fencing will be extended with regular painting. This will reduce the damage and wear but cracked or warped boards (due to exposure to the elements) can look unsightly and if not addressed can rot.

The nature of wood as a material means that it will usually require some minor repairs on a sporadic basis. For wooden fencing, you should add a regular inspection regime to your maintenance program.


The question that we asked at the start of this post was “Is Vinyl or Wood Fencing Easier to Maintain.”

If we evaluate the two forms of fencing in regards to the information (above) on the three main tasks of maintenance:

  • Cleaning vinyl fencing is easier than wooden fencing. Cleaning for vinyl fencing is primarily for aesthetic value. But with wooden fencing, it is essential for the lifespan of the fence.
  • Vinyl fencing does not require any painting but wooden fencing requires regular treatment with paint or stain to maintain the lifespan of that wooden fence.
  • Vinyl fencing is made from a robust material that is designed to reduce damage and negate minor repairs. Wooden fences require ongoing minor repairs due to the nature of wood as a material.

For all three tasks, the vinyl fencing is easier to maintain than the wooden fencing. If you are considering installing new privacy fencing contact Fence Supply Online for a Free quote.