Does your little puppy, or small dog like to slip through the fence?

All puppies like to do it but they can land themselves in danger by running away. A puppy may follow the kids and get lost; run in front of a car or someone may steal it.

Even if the puppy does not escape it may damage the fence by scratching the surface.

At Fence Supply Online we know the problem. Our clients often call asking for a solution to the runaway puppy, and thankfully we have that solution…puppy pen panels.

“What’s a Puppy Panel?” asked a caller recently.

The question got us thinking, and we put together this post to help people learn more about our puppy pen panels.

More about Puppy Panels includes the following:

  • Keeping your dog safe
  • They do not take away from the look of the fence
  • The Puppy Panels come in different sizes
  • Puppy Panels are easy to assemble
  • It is easy to maintain Puppy Panels

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Keeping your dog safe

We know the problem. Your puppy or small dog is slipping through the fence and onto the street. Maybe too you are planning on getting a pet and are worrying about keeping it safe.

The puppy pen panels from Fence Supply Online is the perfect solution.

The aluminum panels fit easily to your fence and will stop the puppy escaping.

They do not take away from the look of the fence

If you are investing a lot of money in a fence the last thing you want is to cover it in ugly chicken wire. Some people even screw wooden panels onto the fence. Not a good look at all.

Our puppy pen panels are of stylish aluminum, and the craftsmanship is easy to see. The sleek black surface matches with most aluminum or iron fences.

The thin bars of the safety fence panels almost blend in with the fence.

These safety fence panels do not take away from the look of your pride and joy.

The Puppy Panels come in different sizes

Do not worry if your fence is aluminum or iron. We have the safety fence panels for you.

An aluminum fence is usually 6-foot wide while the iron fence is longer at 8-foot long.

If you are not sure, do the magnet test. The magnet will attach the iron, not to the aluminum.

Order the 6-foot wide panels for the aluminum fence. For the iron fence, they come in two 4-foot wide pieces.

The safety fence panels fit simply beside each other, and the puppy will not escape.

Puppy Panels are easy to assemble

A lot of extras for the yard or home never come out of the box. If they do, the accessory may lie unused or in bits and pieces in the garden workshop.

Patio furniture is a good example here.

The great plus with Puppy Panels is how easy they are to assemble. They come in racks of the right size for your fence, and all you need to do is attach them to the rails.

You do this using the screws, brackets and black UV coated zip ties. Depending on the size of your yard you will have the panels in place over the course of a morning.

The safety fence panels fit easily to fences on a hill or even ones of different heights and designs.

It is easy to maintain Puppy Panels.

Once you attach the puppy pen panels your job is over. There is little to do afterward, and if you do the work properly, the panels will stay in place.

As in all outside installations, you will need to do the annual maintenance.

Clean any dirt and debris from the safety fence panels. Tighten any loose screws and replace any snapped ties.

Maintenance is simple with Puppy Panels, but essential to them lasting through the years.

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