What could be better than a fresh egg for breakfast, straight from your backyard chickens?

Well, an egg from chickens who don’t get into the vegetable patch could be one answer.

How about combining the two? An egg from the coop and a vegetable patch clear of chickens?

Not every fencing supply company has the ideas for keeping backyard chickens under control, but we do.

At Fence Supply Online we think of all the uses for fences and how we can help you.

Our experts put a few ideas on paper for keeping the backyard chickens out of your vegetable patch.

Among the top ideas on the list are:

  • A picket fence looks great
  • The privacy fence will keep the backyard chickens under control
  • Puppy panels work on an existing fence
  • Install a gate to keep the backyard chickens under control
  • Invest in a coop

Let’s take a closer look at each point for keeping those chickens under control.

A picket fence looks great

The picket fence is as American as apple pie on the Fourth of July.

A sturdy one around the front yard welcomes guests and is an excellent way of protecting summer plants.

In the backyard, you can build one around the vegetable patch, and it will keep the chickens at bay.

A big advantage of the picket fence is that it still allows light and a drying wind into the growing plants.

You may paint the fence a bright color to add something a bit different to the look of the backyard.

The privacy fence will keep the backyard chickens under control

Out of sight out of mind works well with backyard chickens.

If you want to keep the vegetable patch private or maybe protect it from the wind too, consider erecting a privacy fence.

The solid panels will keep those succulent vegetables out of sight.

Your chickens won’t get under or over a privacy fence.

A vinyl privacy fence takes a lot of the maintenance out of looking after the backyard.

Our selection of fences from BLACKline will not fade, buckle or chalk under high exposure to sunlight.

Puppy Panels work on an existing fence

Maybe you already have an aluminum around the chicken area or the vegetable patch.

No doubt it is not doing a good job of separating the two.

Our Puppy Panels usually do an excellent job of preventing those smaller dogs from running away.

Installing them on the fence will keep the chickens out and the vegetables safe from one predator.

They are easy to install, and you take them off again if you want to let the chickens roam around a bit in the winter.

Chickens can be great at clearing up a vegetable patch and eating slugs and larvae.

Install a gate to keep backyard chickens under control

When you do put a fence in place, do not forget the gate.

Install a solid one and don’t let it be the weak point.

Also, ensure it is a self-closing gate and one with an automatic locking mechanism too.

How often does an open gate let the chickens in to feast?

Close it and lock it.

Invest in a coop

While the idea of the chickens living freely is a sound one, it does encourage them into the vegetable patch.

Invest in a good coop for them to sleep in and for the chickens to get out of the sun.

Your vegetable patch won’t tempt those chickens when they are sleeping in their coop.

You can close and lock the coop at night.

This will protect the chickens from predators and make it easier for you to find that fresh egg for breakfast.

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