Create Your Dream Property By Landscaping With Decorative Fencing

When you hear the term landscaping, it tends to conjure up a vision of trees and other vegetation.

In reality, decorative fencing can provide some stunning landscaping opportunities and help create your dream property.

Your choice of fencing will primarily come down to your personal taste and the style of your property.

Another major influence on your choice of fencing is the type of material that your fence is made of.

The three types of materials we will look at here are:

  • Ornamental Iron Fencing
  • Timber
  • Vinyl

Ornamental Iron Fencing

Ornamental Iron fencing is designed to be functional and stylish.

If you use a classic black design, it can blend in with most backgrounds and helps frame your property.

With ornamental iron, you have the ability to match it with various types of gate. From a plain square design to having your iron gates tailor-made, your fence will easily match.

Fence finials allow you to personalize iron fencing even more. You can add arrowheads or other finial designs to make your property feel like a castle.

Iron Fencing is easy to install and can stand alone or be mounted on masonry. The ability to mount iron both staggered up slopes or on the flat provides even more aesthetic options.

One of the extra benefits of using ornamental iron fencing for landscaping is that it has great durability.


The vision of timber fences is one of the cowboy movies and the family ranch but it can also mean a white picket fence.

This means that no matter the size of your property is, you can enhance the landscaping with decorative wooden fencing.

  • White Picket fences

White picket fences date back as far as America’s earliest colonial era. As a way of decorating both front and back yards, they can contain pet and children while maintaining the view.

  • Wooden Round Rail fences2 rail wood fence

When you think of a large round rail fence, your first thought may not be decorative.

The majestic look of a round rail fence around your property can turn I into your dream property.

Large wooden fences can be supplemented with a decorative entrance such as large bar gates or a ranch type entrance.

If your idea of a dream home is a western feel, you have lots of options with timber.


The first two options may feel like more traditional materials but modern alternatives can be just as decorative.

Vinyl has come a long way from the days of just being used for music records.

  • White Picket fenceswhite picket fence

Although colonial fences where traditionally made from wood, the same ornamental fences can now be made from vinyl.

Vinyl fences are easier to maintain, easier to clean and more resilient to natures elements than other materials.

  • Color Options

Another benefit of vinyl fencing is that it comes in eight or more color options.

Having a selection of colors to choose from, means that you can personalize your fencing and create a picture postcard setting.

  • Accessories

The top of vinyl fencing doesn’t have to be plain as there are various types of picket tops to augment it.

For vinyl picket fencing you may choose to use ornamental picket tops to enhance the look of your fence.

For fencing around your deck, you can also install lighted caps or post lights.

The benefits of these accessories are that they allow you to personalize your fencing more to meet your vision of your property.

Create Your Dream

There are lots of varieties of decorative fencing out there to suit your property, big or small.

This post has hopefully provided you some ideas and choices to choose decorative fencing as a way of landscaping your property.

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