Deck and Stair lighting

Solar lighting is a beautiful addition to your home. Not only does it look great on a summer’s evening, but it adds extra security and has an excellent safety record. Solar lighting does not cost anything to run, and maintenance is low too. On top of all this, a good display can add curb appeal.

What’s not to love about solar lighting?

At Fence Supply Online we stock a range to suit most tastes and garden designs. We get a lot of questions from customers about getting the most out of their solar lighting. There are many ways of doing so, and light placement is the best place to start.

Over coffee recently, we got to talk about where to place solar lighting on the property. After a lot of spit-balling and some great suggestions, we put together a long list of ideas. To make sense of the list, we drew up a post for our customers.

Our tips on light placement and getting the most out of solar lighting include:

  • Let the deck shine at night
  • Place lighting on the boundary fence for security
  • Decorative solar lighting will catch the eye
  • Rail and step lights for safety

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Let the deck shine at night

Placing solar lighting on your deck is very easy to do.

Some people put them on every post and really light up the area. Others place a solar light on corner posts or every second post. You should go with whatever arrangement suits your tastes and needs.

It is simple to install too. There is not any need to run unsightly and possibly dangerous cables across the deck. You install a post adapter and click the light into place.

The sun will do the rest of the work.

Place lighting on the boundary fence for security

There is nothing more off-putting for the bad guys than seeing a well-lit-up fence.

On the other hand, if they can slip in over a fence in the dark, then they are very happy.

You can install a range of solar lighting along the length of the fence. There is not any need for running wiring and looking for outside power sources.

You can do the work on a weekend and enjoy the extra security all year round.

Decorative solar lighting always catches the eye

You can do a stylish installation with our decorative solar lights.

Our Fence Supply Online range includes some stunning pieces from which to choose.

The Copper Plated Prestige will look excellent on the corner posts of the deck. Even the Aries Solar Post Cap Light has a subtle sense of style for the yard at night.

Choose the perfect solar lights and place them in the right space when designing your yard.

Rail and step lights for safety

We often hear of people of all ages stumbling on the steps of the patio or deck.

It usually happens in the dark and can ruin an evening and do serious injury to one of your family.

We have a range of rail and step safety accessories, and our solar lighting is a big seller.

The motion sensor wall light will come on when someone approaches the deck and helps them along.

A Galaxy Solar Wedge fits on the steps and looks stylish while showing the way for those climbing up and coming down.

Take a look around the yard and see where you may need help.

We have a light for every spot.

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Light placement is key to any garden design.

At Fence Supply Online we carry plenty of options.

Ask our experts for their advice.

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