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How often do you drive through the ranch entrance at night and think about lighting the area?

Are you put off with the thought of running all that wiring? Or the trouble of installing ranch entrance lights?

Our ranch owners often call looking for ideas on installing ranch entrance lights. We surprise them with our answers. At Fence Supply Online it is our job to stay ahead of the curve and keep our clients happy.

We were talking recently about ranch gates, ranch fencing, and lighting over the mid-morning coffee. One of our experts said he was helping a customer choose all three and was making good progress.

The experts came up with a few ideas on ranch entrance solar lighting, and we put them into this post.

When thinking about ranch entrance lighting, you should consider solar because:

  • There is not any need to do any wiring
  • Solar lights are easy to install
  • You have a great choice of styles
  • Maintenance of the lights is easy
  • You will appreciate the extra security

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

There is not any need to do any wiring

Wiring for any outdoor project takes time, costs money, and is not easy to hide.

When you are doing the ranch entrance lighting, wiring becomes a big job.

Solar lighting does not need any wiring. The lamps get their power from the sun, and the bulbs run for many hours on the stored energy. Solar lighting is practically free of cost, after the installation.

The lights can come on automatically once the sun goes down in the evening.

All you need do is appreciate the quality when driving through the ranch entrance at night.

Solar lighting is easy to install

Yes, there is a not any need to run wires from the house or install a nearby outdoor power source for the solar ranch entrance lighting.

On top of simplicity, solar lighting is also effortless to install.

So easy to install that it surprises a lot of our ranch owning clients.

You can fit a fence post adapter over the end posts or gate posts, and the solar light will clip into it.

It really is as simple as that when it comes to solar-powered lighting.

Our wall-mounted solar lighting and other security lights are just as easy to install.

You have a great choice of styles

Did we ever tell you about our great choice of solar lighting styles?

We have ones to suit every taste and style, and our lights will complement any ranch entrance.

The Stained Glass Wellington Solar Post Lamp is an excellent addition to the smaller entrance areas.

Our Black Aluminum Elegante Solar Lamp or the Dark Bronze Manchester Solar Post Lamp will look great on the right entrance posts.

We have plenty of other styles, in colors to go with your design scheme.

All lamps are easy to fit and run on sensors or timers.

Maintenance of the solar lights is easy

While the solar ranch entrance lights are not maintenance-free, it is straightforward.

You do not need to worry about loose wires or rodents eating their way through the fittings.

The annual cleaning of the lamps is easy to do, and you will need to change out any bulbs which stop working.

Keeping on top of the maintenance is essential but not difficult.

You will appreciate the extra security

Some of our customers do not realize how dark the ranch entrance area is until they install solar lighting.

Bringing extra light to the area will keep the unwanted guys away.

Lights on the gate and on the fence posts will add atmosphere and security to the entrance.

When you see the area lit up, you will wonder why you did not install the lighting sooner.

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