Choosing The Best Lighting Accessories For Your New Fence

Fence lighting can be both a functioning safety item as well as an aesthetically pleasing feature on your fencing.

With all of the lighting options out there on the market, how do you choose the best lighting accessory for your beautiful new fence?

There are many things to consider when making your choice but some of the main factors in your lighting selection are:

  • What Type Of Fence Do You Have?

  • Are You Using Solar Or An Electrical Power Supply?

  • What Are The Visual Aspects Of The Lighting?

  • What Is The Price Of The Lighting?

What Type Of Fence Do You Have?

There are different types of lighting kits for vinyl, wood or fences made from other materials.

Depending on the type of fence that you have just installed, it may have its own matching lighting kit or you may decide to choose more generic, off the shelf options.

If your fencing does have a specific lighting set designed to match it. The need for a professional looking finish may limit your options of which fence lighting you choose.

Are You Using Solar Or An Electrical Power Supply?

Whether you are trying to be environmentally friendly or you are positioning of your lighting is isolated from power supplies you may choose solar powered lights.

Modern technology and LED lighting mean that solar powered lighting is becoming more efficient and more resilient. The fact that solar lights work off a recharged battery can, however, mean that they can still susceptible to some of the issues related to battery charging:

  • In winter when you have fewer daylight hours, there is less charging time. So the battery power may not sustain the lighting throughout the whole night.
  • Winter also brings lower temperatures which can also affect the efficiency of the batteries. And reduce the number of hours that they produce light, through the dark hours.

If you have an electricity supply (or electrical outlets) readily available around your fence line, hard-wired electrical fence lighting can be a great option and can produce brighter more reliable long-term outputs than solar lights.

One advantage that solar lighting may have over hard-wired electrical lighting is the ease of installation. Unlike electrical lighting solar shouldn’t require the use of a certified electrician.

What Are The Visual Aspects Of The Lighting?

Aside from the functionality of lighting (such as brightness and direction of the lights), your choice of the visual aspects of the lighting is a personal preference.

Some of the options for mounting of the fence lights are:

  • Prominently mounted on the top of the fence posts.
  • Mounted directly to the planks of a fence.
  • Discreetly secreted under the fences horizontal rails.

There may be various options for the color of your lighting:

  • You may have the option of white, yellow or other colors for the actual light emitted.
  • The light housings may be silver, black or actually match the color of the fence

Whichever choice you make for the visual aspects of your lighting, although it is a personal choice, chose wisely. Modern lighting is very resilient and the lighting you choose may be with you for a long time.

What Is The Price Of The Lighting?

Although the cost of the lighting may not be the only determining, factor for choosing a specific lighting system or lighting accessory for your fencing, it usually has some impact on their selection.

There are so many options out there on the market. If you compare prices, you will find an option for most budgets.

Aside from the initial outlay for the lighting fixtures, if you choose electrical lights they will incur an ongoing charge to power them. If you choose solar lights there will be no ongoing costs as they are freely powered by the sun.

It’s Always Your Choice

Unless you have to pick a specific set of lighting accessories to match your specific fence type, there are lots of options out there.

Once you take into account the type of power supply, the costs of the lighting accessories and their functionality, the final choice of the visual look of the lighting accessories is your personal decision.

Before you waste hours on the internet looking at the multitude of fence lighting options available, check out the lighting accessories that we have available to meet your needs.


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