Who doesn’t want a beautiful garden entrance? Who would not want to walk through the perfect entry to their front or back yard?

Guests love a good garden entrance, the family does too, and we always have clients looking for new ideas. One of those clients called last week with a not unusual request for help: “I like the idea of an arbor in the garden,” he started, “but where should I put it?”

After a few questions and thinking about garden layouts, the caller and our expert came up with the idea of putting an arbor at the entrance. At Fence Supply Online we know the benefits of an arbor and how one can make for a beautiful garden entrance.

The subject came up over coffee the next day. We all had garden entrance ideas that included a beautiful arbor, so we began to write them down. The long list eventually became a sort of top six of ideas.

Included on our list of beautiful garden entrance ideas that include an arbor is:

  • Choose the right style of arbor for your garden
  • An arched garden arbor or a flat top garden arbor?
  • Grow plants and vines through the arbor
  • Put the arbor inside the gate
  • Growing plants around the arbor
  • Always use vinyl arbor products

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Choose the right style of arbor for your garden

Take a look at your garden and particularly the entrance to it. Consider the style of arbor, one which will work best for your design scheme.

You do not want to plonk any old arbor somewhere in the garden and hope for the best.

Choose a suitable entry point and an arbor style to match it.

We offer a range of styles which will work in every garden plan.

An arched garden arbor or a flat top garden arbor

This is the biggest choice for most garden designers coming up with garden entrance ideas.

Do you go with the traditional arched garden arbor, or do you try a flat top one?

We find that an arched garden arbor is excellent for showing what is beyond in the garden.

A flat-top garden arbor looks beautiful when the summer flowers hanging off it are in full bloom.

Grow plants and vines through the arbor

Some people look on the garden arbor as just a support mechanism for growing plants and vines.

They could be right too. We often see an arbor covered from top to toe and across the bridge, in nothing but bright blooming flowers.

As an entrance to your garden, such an arbor will look stunning.

Plants and vines will love growing up the trellis-like sides of the arbor.

The fall colors will be spectacular too.

Put the arbor inside the gate

Often people have the arbor as a standalone structure along the garden path.

We tell clients to try one just inside the garden gate. This way the arbor will work as the perfect entrance to your property.

A rose-lined arbor will welcome you and guests and will attract honey bees and butterflies in the spring and summer.

Make sure the gate can open and close without doing damage to the arbor.

Growing plants around the arbor

A row of plants leading to the foot of the arbor will catch the eye and add to the entrance.

Growing evergreen shrubs will keep color at your entrance throughout the year.

The smaller plants can match the color of the vines in the arbor and complete the picture.

If you grow scented herbs, the aromas will be amazing during the summer.

Always use vinyl arbor products

We always recommend vinyl arbor products.

Fence Supply Online can deliver them flat-packed and ready for assembly.

Vinyl will not rust, rot or fade under a hot summer sun.

Maintenance is simple, and the vinyl arbor will stand proud at your garden entrance for many years.

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