Lighted post caps do wonders to a deck.

Do you have a deck? Maybe you are planning to install one this spring? Do you want to make the deck safe and beautiful? If you are answering yes to these questions, then we have the solutions.

At Fence Supply Online we stock lighting to make any deck safe and beautiful. Lighted post caps are one of our popular products and will not let you down. We sometimes get the question: why bother with lights on the deck and patio? Our first answer is always to show our clients the extensive range of lighting in our store. The second one is to tell them the benefits and how easy they are to install.

Our experts love talking about lighted post caps. Over a coffee recently the subject of how they can make a deck safe and beautiful came up. There was a lot of discussion but plenty of agreement on the options.

On the list of making your deck safe and beautiful with lighted post caps are:

  • Lighted post caps offer many choices
  • Installing lighted post caps is easy
  • The extra security and safety are welcome
  • Solar lighted post caps are free to run

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Lighted post caps offer many choices

We have a wide range of post caps for the client to make the best choice.

The decorative selection adds the beauty that you will really appreciate on a summer’s evening. A good example is the Copper Plated Prestige. A few of these on your posts will catch the eye and get the neighbors talking, in a good way.

The Cape May offers a more subtle effect but is still as beautiful. You can install these along the deck fence and light up the area all year round.

The choice of solar and LED lights will surely please every taste and match every garden design.

Installing lighted post caps is easy

We often get clients complaining that it is too late to install lights after building the deck. This is not true, and it surprises the same clients when we show them how to do the work.

Installing lighted post caps is one of those straightforward DIY jobs which have excellent results.

You first attach the adapter on the head of the fence post. The light cap just clicks into place and will stay secure through all types of weather.

It really is as simple as all that for installing the lighted post caps.

The extra security and safety are welcome

We hear from clients that they can’t use the deck at night because of safety concerns.

They worry about older people falling on the steps or not seeing the deck furniture; this can be a worry for every age group. Younger kids can fall when running around in the dark of the early evening, after the sun goes down.

Feeling secure on a dark deck is another fear.

Installing a row of lighted post caps will solve these problems. Adding lights on the steps and around rails will help too, of course.

Now people can see where they are going and what they are doing. Knowing too that the lights offer plenty of security is another big advantage.

You can see from the house who is on your deck when it is lit up.

Now that is a real security benefit.

Solar lighted post caps are free to run

When you install outdoor lights, you may worry about increased utility bills.

Solar lights run off the sun’s energy.

The battery charges during the day and does not need a lot of direct sunlight.

Most batteries will last around 8 to 12 hours, so through the night.

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