Your new deck rails deserve to stand out from the crowd.

They should look good, and any visitor to the home will want to know where you got them.

At Fence Supply Online, we get a lot of calls from clients looking to dress up their deck for the summer months.

Our experts have plenty of ideas and ones which will make the deck rails stand out all year long.

We asked them to put some of their ideas together and for us to put the best ones into a post.

It did not take them long, and it looks as if decorative lighting is the way to go.

To make your new deck rails stand out with decorative lighting you should:

  • Go solar for many reasons
  • Choose a stained glass light for style
  • Maybe think of a subtle touch
  • Think of the security benefits too
  • Take a look at all the decorative lights

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Go solar for many reasons

Our range of decorative lights for the deck rails includes a wide choice of solar-powered ones.

These lights look great and come in many different styles.

A major advantage of solar powered lights is they get their energy from the sun, obviously.

This means that there is not any need to run unsightly wires across the deck and up the rails. You also will not have to provide an outdoor power source for electricity.

The solar-powered decorative lighting fits easily onto the posts.

Guests will see the beautiful lights, and nothing else.

Choose a stained glass light for style

When looking at our range of decorative deck lighting, take a look at the stained glass section.

It may not appeal to all tastes, but when you see them in place, you will appreciate the quality.

The Wellington Stained Glass Solar Post Cap will catch the eye of anyone who visits your deck.

The detail in the design work is beautiful, and a series of these stained glass lights will set just the right atmosphere.

Maybe think of a subtle touch

Are you one of those who like their lighting to be simple, yet of quality and style?

Do not worry as we have plenty of lighting to suit your tastes too.

Among our range of decorative lighting for deck rails is the Regal Solar Post Cap, and the name is a good clue to the style.

We also offer the Neptune Solar Light Post Cap which sits neatly onto the rails, but gives lovely lighting on the deck.

The Imperial Solar Post Cap is another one on the range which will delight most people.

Often clients mix the subtle with the larger lights for a stunning effect on the deck

Think of the security benefits too

A lot of people call us up look for security lighting on their property.

We can supply that too, but often a well-lit deck can make a huge difference.

You can add security and make the deck rails look good, with the right choice of lighting.

Ask us for advice, and we can guide you in making the right choice for security and decorative purposes.

Take a look at all the decorative lighting for the deck rails

Always take a proper look at the range on offer before making up your mind.

You may have one style in mind, but it will surprise you what we have on offer at Fence Supply Online.

Deck lighting is not just about putting a couple of lights on the posts.

It is about choosing a style and adding atmosphere to the area.

Consult with our experts and make your new deck rails stand out with decorative lighting.

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Decorative lighting is another favorite.

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