The white picket fence: it’s as traditional as apple pie and fireworks on the 4th of July.

You see it in movies, described in classic books and who doesn’t dream of living in a home with a white picket fence in the yard?

The traditional white picket fence hasn’t changed much down the ages, but there are a few modern versions. We often get customers thinking of installing a newer style picket, but they hesitate a bit on the detail. To make the decision a bit easier we’ve come up with few modern versions of the traditional, white picket fence.

On our list of the choices for those looking for a white picket fence are:

  • The flat top look
  • Try the scallop effect for something a bit different
  • The extended picket for security
  • Wood is still very popular
  • Vinyl makes a lot of sense

Let’s take a closer look at each version of the white picket fence.

The flat top look

The flat top vinyl picket fence is a versatile one for the backyard and front garden.

If you are looking for a pool fence, the flat top may be the perfect answer.

It is secure and gives control over areas you want to keep safe.

Clients also use the flat top picket fence around barbecue areas, and the kids play spots.

We see it a lot on decks, where the addition of solar-powered lamps and decorative fence post caps can really improve the area.

The beauty of vinyl picket fences is that you now have a choice of colors too.

Try the scallop effect for something a bit different

The scallop effect can add a real personal touch to the home garden design.

With the scallop, the pickets vary in height like an inverted arch between each fence post. The scallop fence will catch the eye of passersby.

Many homeowners grow vines and other flowering plants along the base of the fence. As they flourish the colors add a touch of style to the overall look.

You can vary the height, width, and tops of the pickets, depending on your tastes.

The tops can be Dog Ear or Pyramid style, and each one has its attractions.

The extended picket for security

Not everyone realizes how much security you can get from a picket fence.

The modern materials are durable, and if you build the fence correctly, it can do an excellent job on the property.

Again you have a choice of Dog Ear or Pyramid tops when extending the picket tops above the rails.

The extended picket makes it difficult to climb over the fence, and it can put the dog off from jumping over.

Putting the solar powered lighting on the fence posts will give extra security, while also being very decorative.

Traditional wood still has a place

Modern fence design can still have a traditional look and feel to it.

Wood is very popular with our customers at Fence Supply Online. Indeed some clients insist on nothing else on their property.

The traditional white picket fence made from wood can last many years if you care for it properly.

Vitally you should only purchase pressure-treated wood and have a strict maintenance schedule each year.

Is there a better way to meet the neighbors than when out painting the picket fence?

Vinyl makes a lot of sense

Vinyl picket fencing is now a very popular choice, with excellent reasons.

Chief among them is the sturdiness of the product.

The vinyl comes with impact inhibitors added at the manufacturing point. UV inhibitors also prevent what was once a significant fault: deterioration when exposed to the Sun.

Strength is no longer in question, and the quality of the finished product is evident to see.

Vinyl is easy to work with and is perfect for the DIY fence installer looking to build their own fence.

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