Fence durability is the key to getting your investment right from the get-go.

It may be a big ask to want never to replace the fence again, but we believe it is possible.

Regardless it is a pool fence, one around the patio or the privacy type running the length of the yard; you are looking for that durability.

We get clients asking about fences that last, ones that do the job and never need replacing.

Our experts usually go with the following answers:

  • Vinyl lasts the test of time
  • Metal does a good job too
  • Maintenance is vital
  • Do an annual inspection
  • Fix damage immediately
  • Spend the money today

Let’s take a closer look at each point for a better idea of building a fence to last.

Vinyl lasts the test of time

We had a guy call recently with just the one, fixed idea in his head.

‘It has to be wood’ he said, ‘this is a traditional home, and we want to keep it looking that way.’

Vinyl however can look just as good on a property, it comes in a variety of colors, and it is probably the most durable material on the market.

Modern vinyl fencing includes impact inhibitors, which protect against the damage done by livestock or when a big storm blows through.

UV inhibitors prevent damage from the sun and maintenance costs are well down the scale.

Our traditional guy is erecting his vinyl fence and is looking forward to many years of quality fencing.

White vinyl privacy fence

Metal does a good job too

The right ornamental iron or aluminum fence may add a touch of style to the property and will catch the eye of visitors.

Iron looks excellent and gives an air of solidity to the yard. It will last and last and last.

Many iron fences are over 100 years old, and they will probably outlive us all.

Aluminum is durable too. It will not rust, crack or split under pressure. It may bend but replacing a panel, or a post is an easy task.

Putting a bit of thought into the fence material may surprise you, and add years to its life.

Maintenance is vital

You need to look after things to make them last. The car, the house, garden machinery and even yourself too.

The same is true with a fence, no matter what the material you choose.

Cleaning is essential with metal fences, and iron ones will need a regular coat of rust proofing and painting.

The vinyl fence will need a good wash after a storm or a dry summer.

Caring for any fence is vital to make it last.

Do an annual inspection

Do not put up a fence and walk away thinking it will look after itself.

As part of any maintenance plan you should also do the annual inspection.

The iron fence will need a check for rust and don’t be shy about pulling off loose patches of paint to see what lurks beneath.

Even your vinyl will need a good going over, checking for cracks or any impact damage.

Fix any damage immediately

If you spot a crack in a fence rail or notice the posts are a bit loose, then fix the damage immediately.

Weaknesses in the structure can spread quickly, undermining the solidity of the fence.

Replace broken pickets and tighten the loose joins when you spot them.

Tackling rust spots will stop it spreading through the iron rails.

Fixing breakages keeps the fence as strong as day one.

Spend the money today

Don’t be shy about spending money on your fence.

If you want it to last as long as possible then always invest in quality material.

Weigh-up the costs of the original fence against the annual maintenance ones and see which works out best for you.

Investing in a fence will help you to never replace it again.

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