Vinyl fence color offers dramatic benefits as compared to other materials. For instance, while wood might be a more “natural” choice, it’s not as long lasting or as affordable as vinyl. While metal might last for a long time, it will ultimately rust and degrade while vinyl will look good for a lifetime. However, once you’ve chosen to go the vinyl route, you’ll need to make other choices, including the color or color combination you want for your vinyl fence. With new choices on the market, you can make a bold statement.

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Vinyl Fence Buyers Guide

Standard Vinyl Fence Color

Before we explore the world of bold, bright, vibrant vinyl fence color, we should say a thing or two about standard colors. They’re widely available, and in some situations, they’re the best choice. For instance, you’ll find basic colors like white, black, brown, sand, and gray. These can be excellent options for privacy fences or other fencing in areas where you want a more sedate look. You can also combine them to create more complex patterns without going too bright – a dark brown fence with white posts and borders, for instance.standard vinyl fence color

Brighter and Bolder

You’re putting a fence around your own property, and that fence should reflect your personality and sense of style. It should be bold and bright, vibrant and statement-making. Today, there are many options that can help you achieve the aesthetic you want. For instance, you could decide you want to go with cream-colored panels, with bold, red posts and trim pieces.

On the other hand, you could decide that you want to go with a rich, mahogany wood-grain to give your home a more exotic, luxurious look. You could go with a spring-like design with pale green panels and cream colored trim, or you could go with bright blue fencing to add vibrancy and cheer to your yard. The choices are virtually limitless. Some manufacturers offer as many as 35 different color choices, not counting combinations or texturing choices.

Textured and dark vinyl fence color

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The most important consideration is not the Vinyl Fence Color or color combination that you choose, but the fencing manufacturer. Not all companies offer the same range of colors. So, while you will find that commercial grade vinyl is largely the same from one company to another, the aesthetics do differ, so your choice matters a great deal. Choose a company that offers you the options you need to create a look that you’ll love for a lifetime.