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We get a lot of questions at Fence Supply Online about setting fence posts.

‘What’s the best way to set a post?’ or ‘Is concrete the best option?’ and ‘Should I use a dry mix or a wet one?’ are popular ones.

The important consideration when setting is keeping your posts straight, secure, and to keep them that way. To do this we recommend dry setting the fence posts. In our mind there is no better way of getting the work done. It is how you do the dry setting in concrete though, that is crucial.

The procedure may take time to learn, but once you get in the swing of things, you will see how easy and effective dry setting can be. We even put together some tips to get you started.

The list of top tips on dry setting fence posts includes:

  • Dig and prepare the holes in advance
  • Line the bottom with pea gravel
  • Set the post straight in the hole
  • Pour the dry setting cement
  • Give it time when dry setting fence posts

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Dig and prepare the holes in advance

Preparation is key to everything in the DIY world,  and setting fence posts is not any different.

Our videos will help you see the project in advance.

Measure the depth of the hole. You should bury at least a third of the post to keep it secure. The width of the hole should be about two to three times that of the post.

Take out any rocks or roots which could affect how the post sits in the ground.

Line the bottom with pea gravel

You do not want a wood post to sit in damp earth when it is in place

A proper drain will take away any rainwater and keep the fence dry during its years of service.

Line the bottom of the hole with pea gravel; a depth of about six inches will do.

Tamp the gravel so there will not be any settling afterward.

Set the post straight in the hole

This is a crucial part of the process

When setting your posts have them as close to centered as possible.

Level each post and brace it on either side.

If you get this part wrong, the fence will not stand properly.

Now you are ready for pouring.

Pour the dry setting concrete

With the post straight and your crew ready, get set for pouring.

Following the instructions on the pack pour in the dry setting concrete. Usually, you will go up to about three inches below ground level. Tap the concrete with a sharp shovel to remove an air pockets and to distribute it evenly.

Pour in the recommended measure of water and leave the concrete to set. If it is about to rain then let nature do its part. Remember the concrete will only take as much water as it needs.

Not all dry concrete products are equal, and using an inferior product will only buy you trouble in the future.

Always, always use a quality, brand name product when dry setting . You want the posts to stand true and not fall over in the years to come.

Ask your fence supply agent for advice and follow it.

Give it time when dry setting the fence posts

Like a good wine, a dry setting concrete will take time to set fully.

A quick setting product may not be the best one, and the standard setting time is around four hours.

Make sure the post is plumb at all times during the process.

Do not attach any weight or do any work on the post while the concrete is drying.

As the concrete dries and expands the post will take hold, and when ready you may remove the bracing.

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It is the proven way to ensure your posts are safe and secure in the ground.

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