All men are created equal, but unfortunately, we cannot say the same about the hinge on your gate.

Yes, those all-important pieces of metal which keep the gate in place can often let you down.

Our clients often call with hinge problems, and we can only advise on replacing the existing ones.

Hinges like all accessories come in differing levels of quality. At Fence Supply Online we believe in quality over quantity every time. If something is too good to be true, well then it more than likely isn’t true. The discount retailer may offer value on price but rarely on quality.

A gate swings on its hinges. If you use the wrong type or poor quality ones, then the gate will fall off. Sooner rather than later.

We believe in quality accessories and in looking after them.

A guide to good hinge and accessory purchases for the fence includes:

  • Knowing which hinge you need
  • Buying a well-made, quality product
  • Getting your accessories from a fence supply agent
  • Install with a bit of style
  • Remembering that maintenance is key

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Knowing which hinge you need

You will need different hinges for doors and gates.

If the door is an external one you may have to meet certain standards set by the state.

Ball bearing hinges are the best to use, as they are of higher quality and there is very little squeaking.

Plain hinges are okay for smaller jobs, but they will not last as long as the ball bearing ones.

Spring hinges are mandatory on pool gates, and we recommend them on most outdoor projects. They are self-closing and adjustable too.

Buying a well-made, quality product

With all things fence, we at Fence Supply Online believe in only stocking quality products.

Your fence and accessories will be outside in all types of weather throughout the year. Protection is vital, and that is true from day one. You cannot add protection to a badly made product.

All of our accessories are made of vinyl or of coated metals, which will keep them looking like new.

Hinges get a lot of use and should be constantly lubricated with silicone to keep the moisture out.

Getting your accessories from a fence supply agent

Few companies know what the outdoors can be like in the winter than a fence supply company.

When you find a good one stick with it, and they will look after your property.

At Fence Supply Online we have a range of accessories to complement our fencing products.

We supply our customers with only the best of products, and our service team of experts is always on hand.

When you buy from a fence supply company, rather than a discounter, you know you are buying quality.

Look for a warranty too.

Just in case something goes wrong.

Install with a bit of style

Accessories add plenty of style to your fence.

When you are investing some money, you want the finished work to look great.

Solar-powered lamps are easy to fit and set a lovely tone for a summer evening.

At Fence Supply Online we also have a range of post caps to suit every taste.

Remembering that maintenance is key

With any aspect of fence care, you have to have a maintenance plan.

Do not install a fine fence and walk away from looking after it.

Clean the fence regularly, including the accessories. Remove moss and damaging plants to keep the fence looking good.

Remember to use silicone to lubricate the hinges and any other moving metal parts.

Do a check of the fence and the accessories regularly and fix any broken pieces immediately.

Your fence will last many years if you care for it.

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