When Should You Hire Someone To Install Your Fencing?

We get a lot of inquiries from clients thinking of outsourcing their fence project.

Sometimes we get a caller who wants to do the project themselves but has not got the free time. Other days it could be a DIY enthusiast who just wants to watch someone else work for a change. Usually though it is a client who always gets a contractor in, no matter what the job.

“I’m thinking of outsourcing this project,” said one of our callers recently, “what questions should I ask?”

Luckily for the caller we have a list of questions to ask a contractor, and our expert was able to help. The client called back a few days later and thanked us. He had the perfect contractor, the one who answered all the questions.

On our list of questions to ask before outsourcing a fence project are:

  • Agree the price before outsourcing a fence project
  • Ask them about the permits
  • Look for references before outsourcing the fence project
  • Make sure they use the best products on the job
  • Do they supply maintenance too?
  • How about insurance?

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Agree the price before outsourcing a fence project

Would you go into an auto retailer and buy a new car without agreeing the price?

No, of course you would not, and it is the same when sourcing a contractor.

Ask about the total cost of the project. Does the price include all materials and accessories? Will they pay all the labor? What fees are not included?

If you are doing a big project, it could be an idea to consult a lawyer.

Ask them about the permits

Do you know you may need a permit before constructing a fence?

If you do need one, and you do not have it, then you, the landowner, is responsible.

Ask the contractor to get all the necessary permits.

An experienced one will know when you need a permit and should not have a problem applying for one.

Look for references before outsourcing the fence project

Always, always ask the contractor for references.

If they are proud of their past work, then they will not have any worries about giving you examples.

Call the people for who they did the fencing work in the past. Ask them about any potential problems and about the quality of the work.

It may be a good idea to go and look at work the contractor did, to see if you like their style.

Make sure they use the best products on the job

Another critical issue to get right, before outsourcing the fence project.

Ask the contractor where they will be sourcing their fencing materials for the job.

Make sure it is from a trusted supplier and is the best possible at the price you are paying.

Too many contractors use low-quality products when the boss is not around, so keep an eye on the construction.

Do they supply maintenance too?

What happens when they finish building the fence? Who will look after it during the long life it should have on your property?

A fence will need annual maintenance to keep it looking as good as new. If you do not have the time, then someone will need to do it.

Ask your contractor if they will do the maintenance.

If they do not, then ask them for a few recommendations.

How about insurance?

Unfortunately, accidents happen when on a construction project.

Who pays if someone has an accident when working on your property?

The contractor should have insurance, as it should not be your problem.

If they do not have insurance, you could be open to legal action.

Insist on the contractor having full insurance from the minute they step on your property.

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Outsourcing a fence project is a popular option.

It takes a lot of worry out of construction work.

Ask your contractor all the right questions.

Call Fence Supply Online today for help with any outsourcing problems.

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