Choosing The Best Lighting Accessories For Your New Fence

“What’s the best fencing for garden screening?” read a recent email from a client.

The client explained that they had quite a big patio but wanted to keep it private from the garden.

Fencing can do a great job of screening and looks great around a patio.

Our experts had a look at the email and quickly came up with a few ideas for garden screening.

Patio fencing comes top of the list for screening the garden area from the patio. It helps make the area easy to control and keeps it private from the neighbors.

The list of patio fencing as garden screening includes:

  • Vinyl privacy does a perfect job
  • Picket fencing always looks good
  • Iron fences add a touch of style
  • Aluminum does not rust
  • Accessories make the area
  • Maintenance is key

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Vinyl privacy does a perfect job

If you want to enclose the patio completely, then a vinyl privacy fence does the perfect job.

It can also keep away the prying eyes of neighbors, leaving your family a private spot in which to relax.

An excellent plus in modern vinyl privacy fencing is the choice of colors and styles now available.

We recently linked up with BLACKline vinyl fencing to bring an even better range to our customers.

The BLACKline fencing will not chalk, fade or buckle under the summer sun.

Leaving you with a top-quality product for many a long summer of relaxing on the patio.

Picket fencing always looks good

Picket fencing is such a favorite with Fence Supply Online customers; it should really have a separate page.

One great plus for picket fencing is that it has so many uses. You can put it around the front garden for a special effect. It can go around the vegetable patch to keep the animals out too.

Around the patio is a perfect setting for the picket fence.

It is ideal for letting the sun in but keeping the nighttime breezes away. Flowers and creeping vines grow through the fence and make for a lovely center spot for the yard.

Picket fencing comes in traditional wood or low-maintenance vinyl, and you have a wide choice of styles and colors.

Iron fences add a touch of style

It may not be everyone’s first choice, but iron fencing offers a lot of style.

Around your patio area is the perfect place for some ornamental iron fencing.

It adds a touch of solidity to the area and can make you feel that bit more secure in the home.

Iron fencing comes in a variety of designs, and you can get a wide choice of colors too.

The iron fence does need caring for, but a regular maintenance schedule will keep it looking good.

Accessories make the patio area

When you are designing the patio fence or doing a refurb, you can add a few accessories too.

Fence Supply Online offers a big choice of lighting, fence post caps, and other outdoor accessories.

Our solar-powered lighting fittings can be simple to fit, yet very elegant. Examples include the White PVC Solar Majestic or the stylish Stained Glass Wellington Solar post cap.

The lighting fits easily into the fence post cap adapter, which slides over the fence post.

You can mix the lighting with the simple post caps or the ornamental gothic caps, for extra effect.

Maintenance is key

As with all fencing, you need to care for it.

After you have the patio fence in place comes the time for drawing up the maintenance schedule.

You should do a full overhaul of the patio fence at least once a year, and fix any damage immediately.

There is nothing worse on a patio than the sight of the fence falling apart due to a lack of maintenance.

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