When you bought your period home was the fence was as old as the house itself?

This is often the case and eventually will come the time for replacing that old fence.

No doubt you just love that home you always dreamed of and now live in, andnow you’re worrying about the new the fence and the period style..

How do you match a fence to your period home and is it easy to do?

Any list to help you in the decision making would have to include such pointers as:

  • Take a look at the old one
  • Do a little research
  • Check out what the neighbors are doing
  • A picket fence is good but not the only option
  • Materials are key

Let’s take a closer look at each point to get ideas on matching a new fence to that period home of yours.

Take a look at the old one

Before you rush out to replace the old one, take a few minutes to see how it works with the house.

If it is an original, built around the time of the house, then you should copy it as much as possible.

Photographs are always good to have when talking with the fence supply company experts.

The staff will get a better idea of what you are talking about when they see the home.

Often a repair job to the old fence will look just as good as a brand-new fence.

It will be easier to do and a lot cheaper to build.

Do a little research

There is this wonderful tool that all homeowners should use called the internet.

By doing a little bit of research on period homes and the fences that run around them, you could be saving yourself a lot of time.

Picture sharing apps such as Pinterest and Instagram are great resources for seeing what others are doing.

People love to show off what they are achieving, so take advantage to get some help with your fence.

Check out what the neighbors are doing

Take a walk around the neighborhood.

There is a good chance that when they were building your home, the construction company put up similar ones in the district.

See what the neighbors are doing with their fences and if you like their style.

In many districts there are strict ordinances on what you can build around a period home, so it may be a good idea to ask at the local building regulations office, before you build.

A picket fence is good but not the only option

People all over the country love picket fences, and they have done since they became popular over 100 years ago.

A picket fence looks great and it will match nearly any period home design, no matter what the decade.

It isn’t the only option.

A well-designed and tastefully built round rail can look just as good on the property.

A low in height privacy fence, at just the right color, can be perfect around a period home and do a good job on security too.

Materials are key

It is always good to replace like with like.

If you want to replace a metal fence you should consider using steel or aluminum on the new one as well.

It will probably match your period home better and those of the neighbors too.

Local laws may insist on you using certain materials on a fence, so ask at the building regulations office.

Vinyl is easy to install and very low maintenance.

It would not have been available when they built the house, but it can match existing fences in style and color.

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