When you restore the appearance of your fence, you will also protect it for the year.

Now that spring has sprung, we all have chores to do on the property. Protecting a wooden fence is always one of the vital chores, and prepping it for spring is one of the bigger ones. If the fence is an old one, you know that there is work to do. For those of you who are new to wooden fences, there is plenty to learn.

At Fence Supply Online we know plenty about wooden fences. Our many years of experience, combined with nearly 30 years of working with the public, gives us a wealth of knowledge.

We love using our knowledge to help our customers.

Prepping the wooden fence for spring can mean doing a lot of different tasks. There are a few you should do each season, and others which may be only every other year. Either way, if you keep on top of the wooden fence maintenance, each year’s chores will be fairly straightforward.

Our list of protecting and restoring a wooden fence for spring includes:

  • Protect the wooden fence for the year ahead
  • Always check for storm damage
  • Restore and protect with wood cleaners and brighteners
  • Maintenance plans restore and protect the fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Protect the wooden fence for the year ahead

Once the spring comes around you can stop worrying about the problems of winter.

There will be plenty of potential problems over the coming months, though, so now is the time to start protecting the wood. You will need to stain and seal the fence if the winter rain has stripped away last season’s work. The spring sun, combined with the April showers, can cause a lot of trouble.

We always recommend the products of our partner, Stain & Seal Experts. Their stains and sealers soak deep into the wood and give lasting protection.

You can choose from clear stains or a range of colors.

Always check for storm damage

Take a walk along the line of your fence in the late winter or early spring.

Check each panel and rail for cracks or even broken ones after the winter storms.

Prepping for spring is when you replace the damaged ones. The new pieces will restore the appearance and protect the fence from further problems.

Do not forget to check for loose posts when doing the inspection.

Restore and protect with wood cleaners and brighteners

Our partners, Stain & Seal Experts, make excellent products. Their wood cleaners and brighteners are second to none.

We know our customers love using their products because they tell us so.

The Stain & Seal Experts Wood Cleaner is very easy to use. It will lift stains, dirt, and all the grime which builds up over the year. It also kills and removes organic growth, such as mildew, from the wooden fence.

After getting the fence clean, you will need to make it sparkle. The Stain & Seal Experts Wood Brightener is perfect for the job. It brings back the original color of the wood and opens the grain to accept more stain.

You should combine the two products when prepping the wooden fence for spring.

Always follow the instructions and keep kids away while working on the fence.

Maintenance plans restore and protect the fence

Put a maintenance plan in place and stick to it.

We always tell customers this, but we cannot stress it enough.

A good maintenance plan is essential to the long life of your fence.

Combining it with the right products protects your investment.

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