How do you prevent pests from damaging your wood fence? It is a good question and one that we hear all the time. At Fence Supply Online we like to get questions and even better we like when we can answer them too.

Many pests will do damage to your wood fence. Even the family pet, which is definitely not a pest, can do damage to a wood fence. Think of all those times Fido scratched the fence when only a cute puppy.

Other pests such as termites, rodents, and wildlife can cause a lot of damage to a wood fence. There are a few ways to prevent them from doing damage. We put a few ideas together to help our clients protect their investment.

Included on the list of how to prevent pests from damaging your wood fence are:

  • Stain and seal to prevent pests from damaging wood fence
  • Puppy Panels will protect the fence
  • Keep the fence clean and clear of growth
  • Use high-quality wood to prevent pests from damaging wood fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Stain and seal to pevent pests from damaging wood fence

Termites love a good wood fence. There is nothing they enjoy better than eating away at the inside of a post. You may not know the termites are inside until the fence begins to fall apart.

A regular stain and seal will keep the termites out. At Fence Supply Online we recommend our partners Stain & Seal Experts and only stock their products. By keeping the wood protected from the bad weather, you will also keep the termites out of the fence.

You should protect a new fence from the day the posts go into the ground.

Puppy panels will protect the fence

A puppy can be a bit of a pest when it comes to a wood fence. They love to scratch away at a post, sharpening their nails, and having fun. Some puppies will even take to chewing on a fence, sharpening their teeth too.

Our Puppy Panels can protect the fence. The panels are easy to install, and you can take them with you if you ever move home.

The Puppy Panels have the added extra of keeping your pet safe too. They cannot escape through the tight mesh design.

Keep the fence clean and clear of growth

A simple solution and is way up there in the prevention tips.

A pest loves a dirty fence. They can find a home there, while digging through to the tasty wood below. Ants, wasps, beetles, and other bugs can do a lot of damage, with a little help.

Keeping the fence clean will discourage them. When you cut back the growth of plants near the fence, you are taking away a bridge for the non-flying pests.

Regular maintenance makes a lot of difference.

Use high-quality wood to prevent pests from damaging wood fence

Cheap alternatives are not the best.

Always ensure you use pressure-treated wood for your fence. Ask where the wood comes from and if it is suitable for your district?  The wood can contain natural chemicals that the pests don’t like.

Always look after your investment by purchasing high-quality wood.

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