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Discoloration of a wood fence can be a problem. Often it can be due to low-quality wood, which suffers badly from weathering. Other times it may be because of poor maintenance. If you do not care for your wooden fence from the first year, then it will suffer from discoloration.

At Fence Supply Online we often get questions from owners of a new wood fence. They want to know how to prevent discoloration and what steps they should follow. Clients want to know that their investment in the beautiful wood fence will repay them over the years.

We asked our experts for advice. They are the ones who stay up to date with fence care, and with wood fences, they know about the problem of discoloration. After a lot of discussion and coffee, they came up with a list of suggestions. The list has a lot of top ideas, and we took the best ones for this post.

Included in the tips for preventing discoloration to your wood fence are:

  • Always buy a quality wood fence
  • Stain and seal prevents discoloration of a wood fence
  • Look for the problem areas
  • Regular maintenance is essential

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Always buy a quality wood fence

If you start with the right product, then you rarely go wrong. This is very true with fencing and especially wood ones. Poor quality wood fades. It quickly loses any color and will crack or split very easily. It can happen in only a couple of years.

Always buy quality wood fencing products. Ask a trusted fence supply agent for their advice and use a wood suitable for your local climate.

At Fence Supply Online we use cedar and southern yellow pine – trusted and long-lasting woods for your fence.

Stain and seal prevents discoloration of wood fence

Once you have a quality wood fence in place, then comes the time to look after it properly.

You should stain and seal a wood fence from year one. The wood will be thirsty once it goes through a summer and fall, and the right stain will prevent discoloration.

We stock Stain & Seal Experts products for the care of wood fences. The professional-grade stains are simple to apply, and they do not run or streak.

Keep the fence’s color with regular staining.

Look for the problem areas

While you take care of your quality fence with regular staining, you should also look out for problem areas in the garden.

If your fence is in direct sunlight, think about growing a few trees and bushes for shade. In the height of the summer they make may a world of difference. Keep the grass and plants away from the base of a fence as they can cause problems with mildew. Even a lawn sprinkler that splashes a fence can remove protective stains and do a lot of damage.

Eliminating sources of damage will help the fence to keep its color.

Regular maintenance is essential

As with any fence in your garden you need to care for it. Regular maintenance is the best way to keep on top of wood discoloration and to prevent any long term damage.

The pruning of bushes and keeping plants away from the wood will stop the problem of mildew. A regular wash from a power washer will keep the area clean and prevent other problems. It would be best if you always power wash the fence before you stain it.

Maintenance is essential and prevents many problems in a wood fence, so stay on top of it.

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