When fencing around your home, you need to find the right balance between style and privacy. You can opt for solid privacy fencing, or for semi-privacy fencing to achieve your goals, but which works best in your situation?

Solid Privacy Fence

Semi-Privacy Fence

Semi Privacy Fence

Semi-privacy fencing is the same height as full privacy fencing, but the pickets are narrower and spaced farther apart. This makes these types of vinyl fences good for access control around the periphery of your property, but not ideal for use around areas where prying eyes might be problematic.

Solid privacy fencing resembles semi-privacy fencing in most ways, but the pickets are wider and are installed edge to edge, creating a solid blockage to visibility. These fencing options are excellent choices for use around areas where you don’t want passersby or neighbors to see but are not necessarily the right option for other areas.

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Perhaps the best option is to combine semi-privacy fencing and solid privacy fencing into a seamless installation. Use semi-privacy fencing in the front yard and around the sides of your home, where visibility isn’t an issue. Then, attach solid privacy fencing to go around the backyard or any other area where you want the utmost in privacy. This solution gives you the best mix of access control, security, and privacy. You can even choose from a wide range of colors, wood-grain patterns, and even textures with today’s advanced vinyl fencing options.

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Of course, there are plenty of other choices out there in addition to semi-privacy and solid privacy fencing. You can choose from ranch rail fencing, as well as classic picket fencing designs to suit your home’s design and the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. With that being said, make sure you purchase from a reputable company that offers a full lifetime warranty on their fencing products.

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