Puppy panels or puppy bars are a great add-on for your new buddy. New puppies and small dogs are always a challenge. Sure there is the usual potty training and keeping the teeth off the furniture and on the toys only. But letting the little one outside brings another set of problems. The gaps in your Iron or Aluminum fence, meant to keep kids corraled are too big and let fluffy run right through them.

Fence codes in most cities allow for a 4-inch gap between the verticle pickets. Manufactures build the fence just slightly smaller than that. The effort is to get the most appealing visual and the least amount of metal (lower cost). So what are the options?

Plastic Mesh

The lowest cost of the options would be a plastic mesh. Incredibly cheap and attached to the fence with zip ties. The ability to stretch the plastic and keep it tight is impossible. The added problem is the zip ties. They are tied to the verticle pickets and with no crossbar, they slide down the picket with any pressure. If you are lucky enough to get them to hold, they do not have UV protection. In a very short time, they will become brittle and easily snap in half. Finding a color other than the safety orange can also be an issue. plastic mesh fence

Wire options

Wire choices come down to Chicken Wire, (Poultry Mesh) or Welded Wire (aka No Climb) Both come in a galvanized wire so rust will be much slower in showing its face. It will show up quickly where it is against or where it is touching the Ornamental fence. Slight vibrations like wind, dog jumping on it, or even the vibration of the gate slamming shut, will rub off the Galvanized coating exposing the iron base. The burnt orange streaks will begin to show on the pickets in as short as a few months.  Attaching with zip ties as stated above, causes the fabric to slide down, or fold in half when pups try to climb on the fence. And just like the plastic mesh getting a taught line is near impossible.

No climb welded wire Poultry mesh

Puppy Panels or Puppy Bars

Puppy Panels, sometimes called Puppy Bars are the perfect addition to your existing or even new Iron or Aluminum Fence. With the heavy 4 and 8 gauge construction, it is strong enough to stand on its own without looking like a wet lasagna noodle. The mounting clips and UV protected Zip Ties protect the expensive investment you have in your fence by not rubbing the finish off either the fence or the puppy panel. What if my fence is rackable and not on the flat ground? Easy! Our puppy panels and puppy bars are rackable up to 25 degrees. (that’s a lot). They are in 2 different sizes for your fence. 6ft wide sections ( 2 – 3ft panels) or 8ft sections (2 – 4ft sections).

Puppy panels mounting diagram Our panels can be mounted to rackable fence

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