Split rail stack fence

You may think putting up a fence on your property is your business and nobody else has a say.

Not so and putting up a fence actually comes with a lot of responsibility.

Laws, both city and county, govern the installing of a fence and with many good reasons. Not least among these is the consideration of others by not blocking light or air flow.

As well as consulting the authorities, there are people you tell just out of neighborliness.

Some of the people who need to know are:

  • Neighbors
  • Permit Providers
  • A Fence Company
  • Bordering Landowners
  • Neighborhood Associations

Let’s have a look at each one in a bit more detail.


Build bridges not fences may be an old saying but it is very true when it comes to neighbors.

What if you want a fence for reasons of privacy or maybe to give wind protection to your garden?

Talk to your neighbor before you do anything. It may turn out that they too are in favor and you can cooperate in the building.

If they are not so happy, they may be more amenable when you talk to them and they see your plans.

A few adjustments here and there may make all the difference.

A good fence is great for leaning over and having a neighborly chat but not so if it turns friends into the Hatfields and the McCoys.

Permit Providers

Always, always check if you need a permit for erecting a fence.

Do not take the word of a neighbor, friend or family member.

Rules and regulations vary from town to town and even within districts of a city. Call your local Building Regulations office and ask for advice.

Tell them exactly what you want to build and where you are planning to put it. In many places there may not be a need for a permit.

On the other hand there may be a law requiring one.

In these cases it is usually just the filling out of a form and paying a small fee.

Doing it by the book is always better than having to take the fence down later because it violates bye-law 101.

A Fencing Company

Even if you are going the DIY route it is always best to tell the fencing company what you are planning to do.

They will have the experts on hand who will give you the best advice and guide you on the install.

The fencing company will have seen it all before, both the successes and the failures.

At www.fencesupplyonline.com we can advise on materials, the quantity needed and what is best for the local environment.

A good advisor will help you to prepare fully and you will appreciate their knowledge once the job is under way.

3 rail vinyl installed by customer

Bordering Landowners

Talking to your neighbor is not the same when the landowner next door is living many miles away.

You may think that because your proposed fence is not affecting their light or view you do not need to consult them.

Living in rural areas things can be a little different.

The landowner may have access rights through your property to water and a new fence may impact on agreements many years old.

They also may know that the land isn’t suitable for erecting certain types of fence.

A fence may affect the flow of rainwater or irrigation drills, about which only a bordering landowner will be able to tell you.

Always ask before you build.

Neighborhood Association

You may have squared away the new fence with the authorities and the neighbors on either side but the neighborhood association is a horse of a different color.

They may have different ideas on what is acceptable and it is a good idea not to fall foul of them.

Local agreements on paint colors, style, materials used and height may be enforceable and ignoring a neighborhood association may lead you down a murky path. 


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