“Any ideas on what to do for some quick fencing replacements?” came a query from a customer recently.

After thinking about it for a minute or two, we got the gist of the question and a few answers.

Our customer, Chad, is a man with a lot of property out the back of his home. Some of his fencing dates back to the Nixon administration and could do with a bit of work. Chad’s problem was that family and friends were due for a party and his wife wanted the garden looking good.

Luckily for Chad, there are a few quick fencing replacements that make a major difference. At Fence Supply Online we keep on top of innovations, to bring you the best of service. Over coffee that morning our experts got to work. Their list of ideas may surprise you, and we put the best ones into a short guide.

Ideas on quick fencing replacements that make a major difference include:

  • Vinyl privacy is easy to install
  • Picket fencing comes flat packed
  • Replace broken panels
  • Screening fencing can make a difference

Let’s take a closer look at each point to help you with the fencing replacement work.

Vinyl privacy is easy to install

It surprises us how many people still do not know about vinyl privacy fencing.

When doing fencing replacement on your property, take a look at the benefits of vinyl privacy. It is quick and easy to install, but it can make a significant difference.

Is the constant wind keeping you off the deck? A privacy fence will keep it away.

Are the neighbors a bit noisy? Installing vinyl privacy can keep the peace and let your family relax in the evening.

Maybe the view from the back yard is not the best? Putting a vinyl privacy fence up can block the sight of that business park.

Fence Supply Online stocks BLACKline fencing products. These vinyl fences will not fade, chalk or buckle under the summer heat. They are sturdy and straightforward to maintain too.

Picket fencing comes flat-packed

Is there anything more American than picket fencing?

You can place it anywhere in the yard, looks great and you can grow a variety of plants up, around and through the pickets.

The good news is that vinyl picket fencing comes flat-packed. We will deliver it to your property off the back of a truck.

All you will need to do is install it, which you can do over the weekend, if you prepare correctly.

Picket fencing makes a major difference and is a quick fencing replacement.

Replace broken panels

Another tip which is easy to do but a lot of people do not consider.

Take a walk along the fence and see what needs replacing. Often it is a few rails and posts here and there which are causing all the problems.

If you organize the project, it can be easy and quick to swap out the broken parts. Over a day or so you can do the work and have an elegant fence once more on the property.

Often the easy solutions are the best ones.

Screening fencing can make a difference

Our clients sometimes say that their yard may be too big or even a bit boring, with nothing but grass and a few trees to break up the view.

Screening fences can make a difference here.

You can place them around the yard, and suddenly you will have an enjoyable back lawn. The barbecue area will be private and safe. A screening fence can slice the garden into a few segments, and the right planting will make them very attractive on a summer’s day.

By using your imagination, you can change the look of the yard with your screening fencing.

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