Removing an old fence correctly is vital to getting the work done safely. How many times have you heard of accidents when people are working on their fences? Often the injuries or damage happens when someone is removing the old fence.

At Fence Supply Online we get a lot of questions about removing old fences. Clients want to know how to do the work properly and safely. They know that getting it wrong can be very dangerous. We asked our team of experts to take a look at the situation. After a few days of arguments and a lot of coffee, they came up with a few good ideas.  Their long list had many suggestions, and we made it into a smaller one for this post.

Included on the list of tips for removing an old fence safely is:

  • Clear the area around the old fence of any obstructions
  • Take the old fence down section by section
  • Ask the neighbors too
  • Don’t forget the helping hands

Let’s take a closer look at each point

Clear the area around the old fence of any obstructions

Always work in a safe environment, free of any clutter. Do not leave any tools lying around where you can fall over them.

Do not make the mistake of laying out the new fence next to the old one. You do not want to be climbing over stacks of rails and posts while taking out the old stuff.

When you remove one section, take it away and dispose of it before starting on the next section.

Take the old fence down section by section

Do not go all shock and awe on the old fence.

What you should do is to remove it section by section. It is the safest and the quickest way to remove an old fence.

If you are not reusing the old fence, you can cut the rails away from the posts as you work along the line. This way you will quickly have a pile of old rails and a line of old fence posts. When the rails are off, you can then remove the posts from the ground.

If some of the fence is worth saving, you can remove the rails with a screwdriver or nail remover before stacking them in the shed.

If the posts are too deep in the dirt, consider cutting them at ground level with a quality saw.

Ask the neighbors too

Some people forget to consult with the neighbors when removing a boundary fence. It is a good idea to ask their opinion, and you may discover that they are part owners of the fence.

We know of a client who took down a fence only to find out it was on the neighbor’s property. Not a good idea.

Ask your neighbors before doing any work on a boundary fence.

Don’t forget the helping hands

Taking down an old fence on your own is not advisable.

You will need at least one or two pairs of extra hands.

Why not get the family involved, once the area is secure.

Maybe the brother-in-law is free next weekend?

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