Many of our clients have a brick fence on their property.

Usually, it is an old property, and the customer inherited the brick fence from a previous owner.

Of course, the brick fence may be a new addition too, closing off a patio or barbecue area by the home.

When you are repairing the brick fence, you will need to match the mortar colors.

There is not much you can do with matching precisely the look of the new with the old, but the repair will eventually blend into the wall.

What you can do is match the mortar color. The wrong mortar color will stand out and will not fade to matching with weathering or time.

Our experts have a few ideas on matching mortar colors on a brick fence.

On their list for doing repairs to a brick fence are the following tips:

  • Take a color sample from the brick fence
  • Gray is an easy color to match new with the old
  • Wait for the color to dry
  • Consider a rebuild or replacing the brick fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Take a color sample from the brick fence

If the color is anything other than grey you know it contains a dye.

When the color is black then your job is an easy one: just buy a black dye and mix it to the correct shade.

Other colors present a bit of a different problem. One person’s blue may be another’s ‘sky blue’ or ‘early morning calm ocean’, or whatever shade was popular at the time of building.

Scrape off a sample of mortar from the brick fence with the color on it. This should not be a problem if the wall is crumbling.

Take the sample to the hardware store or brickyard and get their experts to decide on the dye.

You will still need to mix it to the correct shade, but with the right dye, this will be a simple job.

Gray is an easy color to match with the old mortar

Gray is the natural color of mortar on a brick fence.

The shade of gray depends on the mix of lime and Portland cement in the original mortar.

Make up a sample of mortar in a bucket. Keep a note of the amount of each portion you are adding.

The more lime you add, the lighter the final color. Conversely, the Portland cement darkens the mortar.

Add the correct amount of sand to the mix and the right measurement of water. Mix it thoroughly until you have the consistency of a good mortar.

Wait for the color to dry

Mortar changes color as it dries.

When you have the mixture made up, take a sample on your trowel.

Spread the mortar across a piece of timber. Do only a thin line as it will dry quicker than a thick one.

Leave the mortar to dry. It will lighten as it does, so always start with a darker mortar color than the one already on the brick fence.

As it dries, you will see the final color developing.

Play around with the mixes until you get a good match with the original.

Remember it will take a few days for the mortar to dry thoroughly, so always leave your final color a shade darker than the old wall fence.

Consider a rebuild or replacing the brick fence

Sometimes the old brick fence is beyond repair or may even be dangerous.

You may need to replace it with a new build or an alternative fence.

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