One of the reasons we stock the Forney TIG welder is that we know how good it is when repairing fences.

Others reasons include the quality, a wide range of options, and the Forney’s expertise from over 70 years in business.

As we get plenty of queries about fencing problems and fencing repairs, it wasn’t long before we got a welding one.

“How do you repair a fence with a welding machine?” one of our customers asked recently.

“A Forney TIG welder will do an excellent job,” was the answer from one of our helpful team.

It got us thinking, and we put a post together on fence repair tips using a TIG welder.

When repairing fencing with a Forney TIG welder, you should:

  • Use the right fence repair machines for the work
  • Clear the workspace
  • Match materials and design
  • Do a tight weld with the TIG welder
  • Grind and burnish after using the TIG welder
  • Don’t forget to paint and protect the repair.

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Use the right machine for the work

It is the same story with every project: always use the correct tools and the best ones.

If you are not sure, ask us at Fence Supply Online.

For welding some metals, such as iron, you will need a welder to reach high temperatures. Always check that your welder has the correct output for the material.

For a simple weld, you may find that a stick welder is perfect.

Larger jobs may need something like the Forney 220 TIG welder kit.

Clear the workspace

When welding you need plenty of room to move about and for your equipment.

Clear the area around the fence of any bushes or storm debris. Clean the metal as much as possible too, so that you can see the broken area properly.

If welding outside, always check for gas or home heating oil. A spark from a welder could do a lot of damage.

If there is a lot of broken metal, consider replacing the panel. It may be easier.

Working in a clear, safe environment is vital when welding with fence repair machines.

Match materials and design

Check what metal is in your fence.

If you are using a TIG welder it is a lot easier to weld the same materials together.

Also you do not want to make your weld look out of place.

Match the materials for a better repair job.

Follow the design of the existing fence.

If you cannot get the same one, maybe take a photo and ask a repair shop to make you up a replacement piece.

Do a tight weld with the TIG welder

If your fence is somewhere that it will be seen then do a good, tidy job.

Do a tight weld. Do not waste any materials and keep the welding under control.

A tight weld will look better, and it works as a far better repair too.

Welding is a skill, but you can master it with practice and the proper fence repair machines.

Grind and burnish after using the TIG welder

There is nothing worse than a messy welding job.

The chances are too that it will not be a good repair and may break.

A tidy weld is the key, and it is easier to clean afterward.

You must grind the weld to match the existing metal of the fence.

It is also an excellent idea to burnish it for painting and protecting.

Don’t forget to paint and protect the weld.

When finished with the welding, grind and protect the repair.

If you have a painted fence then you will need to match the color when covering the weld.

We recommend using an anti-rust coating first, to protect from rain and moisture.

Don’t let your good work go to waste by not caring for the fence.

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