Round rail fences are as classic as wood fencing gets. This rustic, natural fence is quite effective in enclosing large areas and keeping livestock such as horses and cows corralled. A typical round rail fence is quite simple. Rails and rounded posts and rails are interchangeable.
wood round rail
It is a very popular choice on farms and other large properties with expansive acreage in need of fences for outlining boundaries and creating barriers for animals or crops. The secure fit for the rails and posts enable the creation of an overall durable and sturdy fencing. Most round rail fences are created from pressure-treated wood posts. Another popular choice is galvanized metal posts.

When you’re looking for unparalleled classic beauty and reliable performance from a fence that only wood can provide, you should check out round rail fences. Different fence providers offer different types of wood for this kind of fencing. Cedar is a popular choice for wooden fencing. It is very a beautiful wood while also being quite sturdy. Just the kind of qualities you expect from a round rail fence as they often have to contain large animals.

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Some of these fences are made from treated southern yellow pine. This is also an excellent wood especially as it holds the life-extending chemicals added during the treating process. This ultimately translates into a fence that adds beauty and security to your property for decades to come. You can talk to fence specialists such as Fence Supply Online for more details, like determining what kind of wood will be best for your round rail fence.
2 rail round rail
There are other fence materials you can choose from, but the sheer aesthetic value of wood cannot really be beaten. Plastic and steel are both good materials in their own right and offer their own advantages including cost-effectiveness. However, people who simply don’t want to compromise on the unrivaled aesthetics of real wood will find a good use for round rail fence. If you have a large area to cover, this is the type of wood fence to get. For people whom synthetic materials won’t just cut it, wood is a perfect choice.

It’s natural and it just kind of makes sense around beautiful properties especially in the countryside. It doesn’t matter if you buy it for its aesthetic value or its durability. If you find the right supplier, you will enjoy the unparalleled beauty and structural integrity of your round rail fence for years on end. Not to mention adding value to your property with the high-quality wood fencing.

If you want a fence inspired by country living, you will love a round rail fence. This fence style, the round rails, resemble cabin logs. All in all, they create a rustic look and help you bring a unique style to your suburban house. Of course, if you’re in the countryside, the round rail is a no-brainer. If you need more information about round rail fences, you can contact Fence Supply Online.

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