If you are planning to install a new fence in your yard or replacing an existing one, you can go for scallop picket fences. These are highly attractive fences that add value and aesthetic appeal to any property. If you want to know more about scallop picket fences, you have come to the right place. Continue reading to know if scallop fences are right for you.

Picket Fences at a Glance

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A picket fence is a fence style where upright pickets are connected by horizontal rails. Picket fences have become a symbol of middle-class American values, while also offering various functionality benefits apart from their curb appeal. Depending on the material they are made from, picket fences are long-lasting, damage-resistant, and make for a great boundary setting your property apart from other in the neighborhood.

What are Scallop Picket Fences?

Picket fences come in a variety of styles, the most common being flat top picket fences and scalloped fences. You can understand the difference between the two from their names themselves. While a flat top fence has a straight horizontal top on the fences, a scalloped fence comes with a slight curvature.

The basic design of scallop picket fences features successive descending pickets to the ends to the center. In other words, the fence rises to the ends from the center.

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Benefits of Scallop Picket Fences

The major benefit of a scallop picket fence is its design. A scalloped fence immediately captures visitors’ attention when they come to your house, and its ornamental design will definitely improve your real estate value.

You can always personalize your picket by cutting the tops to create unique designs and features. You can also increase or decrease the size of the cuts and the distance depending on your needs.

In short, a scallop picket fence is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your house, keep your pets corralled, and also mark off your property in the neighborhood.

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Who Will Install Your Scalloped Fence?

It all depends on you. If you want, you can get the fence company to send someone over, but a DIY approach is a not a bad idea either. If you can spare the time and enjoy a DIY project, installing your own fence panels will save you money and provide peace of mind since you completed the job yourself. A professional will save your time, but it is quite possible that he will do the job in a hurry to complete tasks for other clients.

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Just remember to protect your eyes when using woodworking tools like saws. You need to be really careful to avoid injuries. And before you start digging holes to set up the posts, remember to mark the location of underground utilities. For more help and advice on buying and installing the best scallop picket fence, feel free to contact Fence Supply Online.