A handrail bracket kit will keep your deck hand rail secure.

At Fence Supply Online we know how important a deck hand rail can be. We supply ADA approved products, which are only of top quality. The hand rail kits are easy to install, and they will withstand the pressure the family and kids will put on them.

The handrail bracket kit is a crucial part of the installation process. When using it, you will see the quality of the product and appreciate how vital the kit is to your deck. If you use a lower quality product, you are weakening the handrail and putting loved ones in danger.

When discussing deck hand railing ideas with a client recently, the subject of the bracket came up. The customer thought they could use any old bracket to secure the handrail to the deck. Our expert put the client right on this, and we believe it’s a good idea to make the best points about the kit available.

The list of how important a handrail bracket kit is, includes:

  • Alternatives can be weak and dangerous
  • What’s in the handrail bracket kit?
  • Using the right tools
  • Securing the deck hand rail bracket kit
  • Caring for your deck hand rail

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Alternatives can be weak and dangerous

You often hear people saying they get the best value at the discount store.

In all likelihood they are not comparing the same products.

Our handrail bracket kit is from LMT, where quality is a premium.

A lesser quality product could break under pressure or wear away during the winter.

You do not want a hand rail bracket to break when you need it the most.

What’s in the handrail bracket kit?

The quality, LMT-made handrail bracket, is the first item out of the box.

Made of aluminum, it will not rust due to exposure to the air or crack under the pressure of use.

The kit also includes all the Philips head screws you will need to attach the handrail.

It has a Hex Lag bolt, which secures the bracket to the deck post.

Lastly, the Hex bolt cover will give a smooth finish to the installation.

Using the right tools

Working on the deck means using the right tools for the job.

You will need a level to ensure the bracket is at the correct angle.

An electric drill will give help you make the holes to the correct depth and width.

Do not forget the Philips head bits for securing the hand rail screws.

Securing the deck handrail bracket kit

Before you start this work, make sure you have the right handrail to match your bracket.

Having one too big or too small will not work, and the handrail will not be secure.

When ready mark out on the deck where the handrail will go, this is where the level will come into play. Drill the corresponding holes and make sure each one lines up with the one ahead and behind. Make sure you have the drop angle correct too.

Attach each handrail bracket to the deck.

Screw on the handrail, and you are almost good to go.

The last job is always to test the handrail. Pull it, and put a lot of pressure on the handrail.

If it looks and feels sound, then you have finished another excellent piece of DIY.

Caring for your deck hand rail

Maintaining the deck hand rail is very important.

Clean it regularly with a moist wipe or a cloth dipped in a solution of dish detergent.

Always check for loose screws or Hex bolts.

Putting pressure on the rail will show any weak points.

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