When it comes to choosing a fencing option for your yard, you’ll find a number of options available. You might think that full privacy fencing is the best choice, but it may not be quite right for your needs. Semi-privacy fencing can provide you with a number of different benefits.

Semi Privacy fence

Semi-privacy with French Gothic Cap

What Is Semi-Privacy Fencing?

Semi-privacy fencing is a type of vinyl fence that fills the gap between picket fencing and full privacy fencing. It is generally as tall as privacy fencing, but the pickets are not quite as wide. This provides the means to enclose your outdoor living space fully but allows some visibility and air flow into the area.

Semi Privacy can also be called Picket, Flat Top Picket, even Vinyl Pool Fence.

You can choose from a number of different options when it comes to semi-privacy fencing. For instance, you could opt for a fence with three-inch pickets. These are almost as wide as a solid privacy fence’s pickets, but not quite. There is just a bit of visibility between the pickets.

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Semi-Privacy fence

You could also opt for a semi-privacy fence with one and a half inch pickets. These are much farther apart, and provide a significant amount of visibility, making them a good idea for use in areas where you might want to block access, but still need to see activity in the area, such as around a swimming pool. You’ll even find both options available in a range of colors to help you create the aesthetic that best suits your needs.

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Semi privacy options

How do you determine which option is right for your needs? Consider the area you want to fence. Are your goals primarily focused on access control? Or do you need both access and visibility control? For semi-public areas of your yard, narrower pickets are the better option. For areas where you want a good balance between both privacy and access control, wider pickets are best. Of course, you can also choose from a number of solid privacy fence designs.