Solar post caps do work in shady areas, and that is a fact.

A solar post cap may even work better in a shady spot than under direct sunlight; it all depends on what you mean by shade. Your energy returns from a battery can rely on the quality of the product. The better the solar panels the more energy you will get from its time in the sun.

We had a call last summer from a client looking to add lighting to the fence around his back yard. The client did not want to run wires from post to post and was looking for a more straightforward solution. When we suggested he use solar post caps, the client had a few questions and doubts.

One of his major worries was that the yard was north-facing, with a lot of tree cover. We got to thinking and came up with the answers to all of his fears.

Included on the list of should you use solar post caps in shady areas is:

  • Four hours of daylight may be enough for solar post caps
  • High capacity batteries are another solution
  • Clear the shade as much as possible
  • Keep the solar post cap panels clean
  • Try using a separate solar panel

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Four hours of daylight may be enough for solar post caps

A shady area may not be in the dark all of the time.

Many solar panels can work on a cloudy day during the summer months. Long days give plenty of time for the sun to make it through to a shady area and to charge a battery.

Tests on solar post caps show that four hours of daylight can give enough energy for eight hours of light. Most summer nights are dark for only eight hours or less.

Try positioning the panels where they can get the most hours of sunlight.

High capacity batteries may be another solution

Often a low-cost solar post cap will come with a low-capacity battery.

What you see in a discount store comes with its own costs.

The more energy a battery can hold, the longer it will keep a lamp lighting at night.

Investing in quality solar panels with a high-capacity battery has its benefits.

You should also consider changing out older batteries to increase capacity levels.

Clear the shade as much as possible

Try to position the solar post caps away from the shade.

If you get a lot of shade from leaves and branches in the summertime, consider cutting back the growth.

A well-planned manicure may improve the look of the trees and shrubs in the yard.

The light from the fence can show off the trimmed trees at night.

Keep the solar post cap panels clean

Another obvious solution, which many people forget to do.

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping the solar post panels functioning.

If the panel is covered in dust, debris, and even mildew, it will not work properly

A regular clean with a warm, damp cloth should keep them shining.

Try using a separate solar panel

Not always the first solution but could be one worth thinking about with problems of shade.

If you want to keep that shady area lit at night, then consider a separate solar panel.

Placing one where the sun shines regularly may help give you extra solar energy where needed.

The battery can then send power to the lights, which can light up a dark night.

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