Rail Lock Clips

Rail lock clips are ideal for doing vinyl fence installs. They are also a handy accessory when doing repairs and general maintenance to a vinyl fence.

At Fence Supply Online, we stock ones manufactured by LMT. They are our trusted partners in the supply of vinyl fencing and garden accessories. We believe in supplying American made vinyl, which does not crack, buckle, or split under pressure or the heat of the sun. For us, it reassures staff that they know they are selling the best of products to our customers.

We always recommend rail lock clips to our clients when they are ordering vinyl fencing. Sometimes the client knows waht to buy, but often we get one of those quizzical looks.

“What would I want those for?” is usually the next question.

With this in mind, we put together a list of tips.

The simple tips for using rail lock clips include:

  • Uses for rail lock clips
  • Installing the bottom rails with rail lock clips
  • Always choose the right size rail lock clips
  • Keep a stock on the property
  • Remember your maintenance

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Uses for rail lock clips

Rail lock clips have a specific use, and you only need them when building or repairing the vinyl fence.

They are easy to use, and the ones we supply are of the highest quality vinyl.

It is always a good idea to keep them close at hand as you never know when you will need a few around the property.

Do not begin erecting your fence without the rail lock clips.

Installing the bottom rails with rail lock clips

Rail lock clips are vital when building the vinyl fence from the bottom up.

You always install the bottom one first as that will give your fence a stable foundation.

Attach a clip to the end of the first bottom rail. You will need to depress it when ready to build the fence. Slide the rail with the clip into the slot in the post. When the rail is securely in place, then release the clip.

The bottom rail will click into the post.

Repeat the process on the other end of the bottom rail, sliding it into the next post along. Your bottom rail should be secure now, and the fence building is off the ground.

Repeat the process along the line of the fence until you have all the bottom rails installed.

Always choose the correct size rail lock clips.

This may seem an obvious tip, but many people get this one wrong the first time out.

We get calls saying the fence install is not going to plan or putting in the bottom rail is proving tricky.

With the correct size, the installation should fly along as that is the purpose of the clips.

Always tell your fence supply agent the exact size of your rails when ordering.

We recommend you purchase the clips at the same time you buy the fence.

Keep a stock on the property

Another good tip is to keep a box of them in the shed or shop.

You never know when you may need them.

Do not mix sizes as that can lead to problems later down the line.

Fence Supply Online stock a variety of sizes, and they come in boxes of 600 for big jobs.

Do not forget your maintenance

Once you have a vinyl fence in place, do not forget to put a maintenance plan in place.

Maintenance includes annual inspections and checking after a big storm or high wind.

You should do any repairs as soon as you spot them.

Having a box of rail lock clips at hand will help you get the work done.

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