We all love our wooden fences.

Whether it be a traditional picket, a round rail, or a split rail, nothing says America more than an excellent wooden fence.

The wooden fence does not always need anything to beautify it, especially when on a ranch or any large property.

On smaller properties, and on ones which look a bit bare at times, your fence may benefit from a few additions.

Our callers often ask for help in brightening up a bright spot or a length of fence which could look better.

As a quick answer to customer inquiries, we put together this short post as a guide.

Five simple ways to beautify your wooden fence include:

  1. Lighting always brightens up a fence
  2. Plant a bit of color
  3. Choose a paint of a different color
  4. Decorative fence caps
  5. Try a few raised beds

Lighting always brightens up a fence

Yes, lighting is only obvious at night, but a decorative light fitting will look good all day too.

We have a fine selection of solar-powered lights which catch the eye any time of the day or night.

Looking out at a well-lit fence will also give you a sense of security.

Another beauty of the decorative solar lamp is that there is not any wiring. No ugly fittings or power sockets to hide, just the lovely light to admire.

The Stained Glass Wellington or the Copper Plated Prestige are two lamps which will beautify any wooden fence.

Plant a bit of color

The natural option of planting a range of colorful flowers and bushes will always complement a wooden fence.

By planting bulbs to flower in the spring, summer, and fall, you will get a burst of color throughout the year.

Trees and bushes go well with wooden fences, and the flowers may bloom at different times of the season.

Vines are very easy to grow. They will wind around the round-rail or the split rail, flowering in the spring and summer, while covering the wood in the winter.

By growing a few evergreen plants, you will add color for the dark months of the year.

They also give protection to birds and other wildlife.

Choose a paint of a different color

Not every round rail fence needs to be the color it was when it went into place, though the natural grain does look good.

The same is true of the split rail, though our Western Cedar does fade beautifully.

There is a good selection of strong-colored paints to try, and ones which can really make a difference.

Start off with a tester and do a post or two, to see how it looks, before you invest time and money in the project.

An additional benefit of painting is that it will also protect the wood.

Decorative fence caps

Along with the fence post lighting, we recommend adding decorative fence caps.

We have a wide selection, and you can mix and match with the lamps we have in stock.

Do not worry about fitting them, as our fence post adapters fit easily and the caps just click into place on the post.

The Gothic PVC post cap adds security as well as style. The New England PVC post cap gives the more traditional look to a wooden fence.

We also stock solar post caps, which light up when the sun goes down and are a bit more subtle than the decorative lamps.

Try a few raised beds

A raised is easy to build.

The fence can add a line of protection to the plants and produce, helping them grow in bad weather.

Raised beds can keep the dogs from tunneling out and add a real touch of color to the fence.

People intersperse them with traditional bedding for a unique look to the fence and garden layout.

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There are many ways to beautify your wooden fence.

Our list of tips and ideas should help you choose a style for the garden.

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