It is possible to save money when buying and installing fencing.

At Fence Supply Online we pride ourselves in offering the best value and service to those planning a fence project.

Customers, both new and existing ones, always ask how to save money on a job.

The answers our experts give often surprise, but are worth following.

With saving money in mind, we asked the team about fencing projects and how they see the best way to get value from the job.

Our list of simple ways to save money on fencing projects would include:

  • DIY is an obvious way
  • Think long-term
  • Share with neighbors
  • Planning is key
  • Cut down on the height
  • Build in the off season

Let’s take a closer look at how to save some money when fencing.

DIY is an obvious way

Are you good with your hands? Have you got a ready supply of family, friends, and neighbors who may offer help on the job? Is the toolkit up the job?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you may be able to employ some DIY on the project. At Fence Supply Online we have videos, blog posts and the experts who can help guide you through the process.

Even if you can’t do all the work, you might be able to do some of it, and in the process save money on the contractor’s bill.

Buying the material and securing the permits are two obvious ways of keeping costs under control.

Think long-term

Quality lasts.

You may spend a bit more on the fence initially but the better material lasts for longer, and it takes less maintenance to keep it looking good.

Quality fencing material, when you buy it from the right supplier, isn’t always as expensive as you might imagine.

Look around and source online and you will save money.

Share with neighbors

If you are building along the boundary line, then the neighbors may chip in with the costs.

In many areas they may be obliged to do so, but try to avoid getting into legal wrangles, as that is an excellent way to spend more money.

Neighbors often like to pitch in on shared projects. It gives them a say in the look and design of the fence, which also builds good relations on the block.

Tell the neighbors when you are planning a fence, it will only benefit you both, and save you money.

Planning is key

‘Failing to plan is like planning to fail,’ so someone wiser than me once said.

This is very true when building a fence and when looking to save money on the installation costs.

By planning correctly you will avoid the pitfalls of buying the wrong material or of buying too much.

You will also identify the right places to build and not stray into a neighbor’s property or where there is no need for a fence.

We hear of many projects which have to be altered mid-construction, all because of bad planning.

Changing course costs money.

Cut down on the height

A point that goes with the bad planning one on any fencing project.

You may not need all that height on every area of the property.

Planning laws may not allow you to go as high in the front of your yard as you do at the back.

Excess height means more material and increased costs.

Think of how you want to fence to look and build accordingly.

Build in the off season

Do you need to build the fence when everyone else in the neighborhood is at it too?

Spring and fall can be busy times for fencing contractors and suppliers.

Clients are looking to get the fence in before the summer, or getting the work finished before the winter weather gets bad.

During the slow months a contractor may be happy to offer a discount and suppliers may have excess material to sell.

Call around and see how you can save money on the fencing project by waiting for the right time.

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