Decorative Accent

A picket fence is a simple way to brighten your garden.

Using a decorative accent will add a touch of your taste to the project.

You can put a picket fence anywhere on your property. It is not difficult to install one, and with such a selection in vinyl you will not be short on choice. Vinyl picket fences are available in a variety of colors, heights, and lengths. You can also maintain a picket fence very easily.

You will find a style to match your garden décor.

Decorative accents will always catch the eye. You can add one or two at spots on the fence, or you can go all out for a distinct look to the structure. Only last week one of our experts suggested using decorative accents to a long-time customer.

“I could not be bothered with all that fuss,” was the reply.

Our expert was not expecting that answer, but it got us thinking, over coffee, later in the morning. The right answer was to give the customer a list of simple ways to use decorative accents on a picket fence. We put a little list together.

Simple ways to use decorative accents to brighten your picket fence include:

  • The Sentinale Picket scroll will catch the eye
  • A Florale Picket scroll is a perfect addition
  • Rose scrolls can go into the corners
  • Use a mail post to add style to the picket fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The Sentinale Picket scroll will catch the eye

These are a popular choice for many of our customers.

Made from durable vinyl, the Sentinale picket scroll has curved features that give a certain quirky look to the fence. They are easy to install on your picket fence too. You can screw the scroll directly onto the fence post, and the stainless-steel Philips head screws and hole plugs come with the pack. There is not any fear of cracking or splitting the vinyl, and a hole will not cause any weakness in the structure.

You can place one on each post or maybe stack them up the fence for a different style.

The Sentinale picket scroll comes in a variety of sizes to match all fence posts.

A Florale Picket scroll is a perfect addition to a picket fence

A different style to the Sentinale picket scroll, but one which is just as popular.

The Florale picket scroll also fits onto the vinyl fence post. The stainless-steel Philips screws and hole plugs come with the order. Installing the decorative accent could not be easier, and you will not damage the vinyl post if you follow the instructions.

Many of our customers place the decorative accents along the foot of their picket fence to keep pets from escaping. Having a row of the picket scrolls will allow flowering vines and other plants to take hold on the fence.

Use the Florale picket scroll to add style to your picket fence.

Rose Scrolls can go in the corners

The decorative rose scrolls are perfect for fitting at the top or bottom corners of the picket fence.

With a choice of beautiful designs, they will match any other decorative accents you use. By placing them in the corners of the fence you can make each panel look that bit different from the one either side.

Rose scrolls are easy to install, and you can remove them when leaving if you wish.

Use a Mail Post to add more style to the picket fence

What could be more American than a mail post next to your picket fence?

While not exactly a decorative accent, the mail post does add a lot of style.

Our selection of sturdy mail posts will make you proud when collecting the newspaper every morning.

Easy to fit and with very little maintenance to do, these mail posts are the perfect addition to your property.

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