Wooden fence maintenance before the summer is vital.

Remember that the wooden fence goes through all the worst of the winter weather. Exposure to wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and ice; the fence sees it all before the first sun of summer. The pressure it goes through will strain any maintenance from the fall.

You need to do wooden fence maintenance before the summer, period.

It surprises many of our clients when we at Fence Supply Online remind them of the need to do the pre-summer maintenance.

“But I did that in the fall,” we often hear in reply. Which fall they did the maintenance in is another question, of course.

Once we explain the problems that come after a harsh winter, they begin to understand. To help you get to grips with the pre-summer maintenance, we put together a list.

The list of simple wooden fence maintenance to handle before the summer includes:

  • Power wash after the winter storms
  • Stain and seal for wooden fence maintenance
  • Repair any winter damage to the wooden fence
  • Cut back the undergrowth
  • Consider a new wooden fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Power wash after the winter storms

During the winter, many storms blow through and give your wooden fence a beating.

Leaves, branches, dirt, dust, and debris blow against the fence, and much of it sticks. If you do not remove the layers on the fence, it will lead to damage to the wood below. Termites and other wood-eating insects will find a home in the dirt. Mildew, rot, and fungi can grow in warm wet leaves.

You should power wash the fence from top to bottom once you get close to the summer. It will help you spot any damage to the wooden fence too.

A clean fence is a healthy one.

Stain and seal for wooden fence maintenance

Regular staining and sealing is essential for proper wooden fence maintenance.

At Fence Supply Online, we stock Stain & Seal Experts products, the ones you can trust.

While it may not be necessary to stain and seal every year, it is a task you need to keep on the list.

A wooden fence will dry out very quickly under a summer sun. Dry wood cracks and breaks, and it allows all the bad guys in, once the weather changes in the fall.

In the early years, a thirsty new fence may need a lot of staining, so keep an eye on the wood.

Repair any winter damage

After the winter, it is always a good idea to take a walk along the fence.

An inspection will find any cracks, breaks, or weaknesses in the wooden fence. Lean on the rails, give the posts a push and look for any hidden damage. Do this after the power wash.

Take your tool kit with you and repair as much damage as you can on the spot. Remove and replace the broken or cracked rails and posts, as they will only weaken your fence.

Keeping on top of maintenance is vital to the long life of your fence.

Cut back the undergrowth

It may not have grown much during the winter, but if you didn’t cut back in the fall, do it in the spring.

Undergrowth is how termites and other insects get into a wooden fence.

Swinging branches and shrubs will rub off the wood and remove the protective outer layers.

A long session of cutting will keep it under control.

Consider a new fence

Some times that old wooden fence has had too much maintenance.

Maybe it was there when you bought the property.

A new wooden fence may make a lot of sense.

Do not forget a maintenance plan to give it a long life.

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