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Decorative accent lighting is an excellent way to spruce up your boundary fence.

By lighting up the boundary fence area, you are not only brightening a dark place, but also adding a layer of security.

At Fence Supply Online we often get calls from clients with a need to do something around the boundary fence.

We always recommend suitable planting, but decorative accent lighting is an excellent way to add style. A well-lit boundary fence will catch the eye and show off your elegant new fence. With an excellent selection of decorative accent lighting available, Fence Supply Online can solve all the problems.

Our team of experts had the task of suggesting the best decorative accent lighting. They did not disappoint and have an excellent list from which to choose.

On the list of decorative accent lighting options for the boundary fence are:

  • An eyeball light LED
  • Brighten up the boundary fence with recessed LED light accents
  • Solar post lighting for the boundary fence
  • Pyramid post cap lighting on the boundary fence
  • Security lighting does two jobs

Let’s take a closer look at each lighting suggestion to find one for your perimeter fence.

An eyeball light LED

Some clients use these lights on the decks or porch but they work well on a boundary fence.

The eyeball light LED fits neatly onto a fence post, throwing a decorative accent light when they come on the evening.

With the light thrown out and down towards the ground, it does not glare in your face, as some lights do at times.

You can choose the Nebula eyeball light or the Vega post light. They both come in full or mini size.

The eyeball light is easy to install and has a choice of popular colors.

Brighten up the boundary fence with recessed LED lighting accents

The perfect option for brightening the boundary fence area.

Recessed LED lighting is easy to fit, and you can add them to the fence over a weekend.

The lamps are of powder-coated aluminum and have a titanium finish. Such quality will last for many years.

When you have parts of the fence to highlight, then use recessed LED light accents.

They add a subtle light that will not take away from the beauty of the fence, or of any plants.

Solar post lighting for the boundary fence

When you think of post lighting, you may think of the deck or a boundary fence.

Our solar post lighting works very well on a boundary fence too. They are easy to fit; you do not need to run any wires or find an external power outlet. As the lighting takes its power from the sun they are also very cheap to run.

Assembling the lamps is a simple task. A fence post adapter goes over the post cap, and the light clips into it.

Our choice of solar post lighting will give you plenty of thought when trying to find the perfect style.

Pyramid fence post cap lighting on the boundary fence

Another style of decorative accent lighting which is easy to fit and adds beautiful style to the boundary fence.

The pyramid fence post cap lighting clips into the adapter and stays in place for life. They are solar-powered, so you have no worries with wiring or power sources.

Subtle lighting from the post caps is perfect on a summer evening or in the fall when you can still sit outside.

The range of styles we offer should suit every taste and décor scheme.

Security lighting does two jobs

Many of our clients worry about security, and know that adding lighting also adds a layers of it.

Security lighting need not be invasive or too bright for the garden area. It can also be quite decorative.

Our motion sensor security lighting will only come on when someone triggers the sensor.

The deck and wall security light fits simply to a post and throws out a steady light too.

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